We normally blame the outsiders, especially the Indian tourists coming to Goa considering it an invasion of outsiders in our state. We do not want to comment on how justified that is, but this story will change the entire perspective of Goan people. This story is written by of one of the businessmen Mr. Prashanth Rao Aroor from Maharashtra, who owns the chain of hotels in Mumbai and it his first-hand experience while his stay in Goa. A trip to Goa is a dream come true for the tourists. But sometimes all that glitters is not gold. Many times the local Goans are the main reason to spoil the image of Goa by giving out a bad experience to the tourists. Recently a family from Mumbai who visited Goa had a disturbing experience and they pleaded to the Government of Goa and the Tourism Department to pay attention to a particular issue which might later become a real deal breaker for the state. What was that entire experience all about? Read the experience, right from the horse's mouth.
A big chunk of Goans are settled down in the UK and other EU countries with the help of Portuguese passports have a good news. According to the reports, they have will be given a permanent citizenship as the rest of the EU Citizens and they will also eligible to enjoy the same privileges that any Britton. What more anyone could ask for??
Goa is supposed to be one of the safest place in India for the women and tourists. People from across the world comes to Goa to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Earlier Goa had never been highlighted for any sort of immoral activities but the recent development encroachment of migrants have to lead to many illegal businesses in the coastal belt. Calangute is one of the most famous beaches situated in North Goa. Majorly populated with Desi tourists, it also is known as “Desi Tourist Haven” but besides being the famous it has also become the notorious due to the increase saturation of the Pimps who targets these “Desi” tourists for making some bucks. This trend is becoming a threat to the tourism industry of Goa.
Whether you are planning a trip to Goa or you are already in Goa, do not ever hire the vehicles with white number plates, (private cars/vehicles) If you do so then you will have to pay the fine for no fault of others, because as per the regulations, private car owners are not allowed to rent out their vehicles for commercial purposes. It is punishable under the MV Act. 
The rape is one of the most serious crimes that amounts into shattering the whole life of a victim. Rape don't just physically abuses the victim but the scars of the incident get engraved on her personality and character too. Why people rape is yet another serious subject which we will surely discuss in the next chapter but rapists are mentally unsound claims the study. Our society is male dominated and female by and large treated or seen as an object of deriving the satisfaction, by the male counterparts and the same leads to forcible sexual act which is termed as a rape.
Monsoon is the time when the domestic tourists make plans to visit Goa. The main reason behind this is, the off-season tariff, that means you can enjoy Goa in half the price of what you would normally pay if you plan to visit during the peak season time. The tourists come to Goa for its Pristine beaches, Fresh Seafood, and the Cheap liquor, but this article is only going to focus on the beaches. As you are aware that Goa is famous for its white sand beaches, but there are some beaches that you should avoid visiting during your vacation. You don’t want to fall sick by throwing yourself into the sea which is not clean right? If you want to know more about the places which you keep away, then you must read this article… 
If you are staying in Goa for some reasonable time than you would have surely witnessed the amount of growth in burglary and anti-social activities in the state for the past decade. Although the crime rate has been rising there is not enough police force to deal with the same in the state. To overcome this situation and to keep the burglars and anti-social elements at bay, the people of one village in Goa have formed a community policing. If you have not read about the same before then please read this inspiring story of a village called Navelim where people have joined the hands with their local town police to handle the situation of burglary and anti-social activity by forming their own policing community.
Goa; A state is known for its contrasting culture and significant values, is now seen producing youth, that withdraw themselves from their identity to follow the so called ‘Western Culture’, most even migrating after the 10th Grade.  But is it only the clothing, lifestyle, and country that drives them towards drifting away from their homeland?
Overcharging customers for the packaged drinking water, Aerated water and bottle of Beer is a common trend across the country and Goa being one the major tourism destination in India has not been spared from this malpractice done by the retail outlets or hoteliers. According to the new development in the Maharashtra, the Legal Metrology Organisation (LMO) has warned all the hoteliers to not to get involved in such malpractice or else they may have to pay for it.
Girls having the weird experience in Goa is not the new story anymore, especially when the girl do not accompany by man. The recent narration of the upcoming film actress while her trip to Goa alone was one such example of the same. The following is very engrossing narration by two girls who came to spend their vacation in Goa for three days on their so called bachelorette. In the following piece of the article, the author narrates her trip to Goa with her best friend and what kind of treatment they faced especially from the persons of opposite sex. According to her, Goa is everything you can ask for on a vacation and some of what you never ask for too.