360 Degree Organic Launches Their Ayurvedic Health & Wellness Products in Goa

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360 Degree Products Launched in Goa

Have you made any lifestyle changes over the last 15 months? Has your perspective about dietary habits, fitness, and mental wellness undergone a change? Have you started rethinking about work-life balance? Chances are you’ve answered YES, to all of these! The past year and more has been life-transforming for almost everyone. The forced change in lifestyle has made us think a little deeper about things we took for granted earlier. For instance, did we really focus so much on our lungs and breathing capacity ever before? 

“Google’s Year in Search 2020” gives a snapshot of the fears, anxieties, distractions, and obsessions that plagued us through 2020 and continues to do so in 2021. Many of the top searches reflect how people are adapting to the new normals of daily life. Boosting immunity, for instance, is top-of-mind for everybody. No wonder the market has suddenly been flooded with products that boost immunity & general wellness.

With the world wondering, “What next?”, one thing is for sure – we will prioritize health more than ever before. Our focus will shift from anxiety & uncertainty to managing what’s under our control – eating healthier, hydrating often, breathing deeper, and increasing our immunity with the right food & supplements. Switching to herbal, organic, Ayurvedic, indigenous products and practices is a natural choice since Ayurveda adopts research and science-based approach. 

The healthy tips

Ayurveda-based herbal products help us attain this balance

From mental health to greater vitality to blood purification and skincare, many brands use rich ancient knowledge and modern scientific research for their herbal products. While many new brands have started marketing themselves much more aggressively post-pandemic, one brand that stands out is 360 Degree Organic. With a range of certified herbal products that promote health and wellness, they come with the backing and confidence of Founder and Promoter, Viral Dave who has a 20year long relationship with wellness products. We are reassured by his belief that the recent pandemic is a reminder that going back to our roots and reaching out to ancient wisdom may yet be the most intelligent life choice we could make.

360 Degree Morning

Having distributed herbal products in Goa and across the country for nearly 2 decades, his knowledge and expertise are full-proof. So when he decided to launch his own herbal brand and bring it to Goa, pharmacists and wellness stores in the State, provided their full support. 

Here’s what Kedar Jirage Chief Pharmacist, Jeevan Rekha Medical Panaji, and Miramar have to say about one product in particular. “Morning mantra is the right word for their product. It has been well accepted and should be everyone’s Mantra to start their day.”

360 Degree Organic range of products are all-natural and in their purest form. They can be used as regular supplements depending on ailments or for general wellbeing. “A product like Morning Mantra or Kumkumadi Thailam aren’t our invention – they have been there in our ancient scriptures. From wellness to beauty, there has been a “magic potion” for everything. We want to make sure that products such as these are cherished by our own people and this pandemic has taught us to get back to our roots to build a healthy body” adds Mr. Dave

For example when you start your day with a shot of Morning Mantra in lukewarm water , it revitalises our cells and helps us to get our gut and heart pumping. A few drops of Kumkumadi Oil applied overnight to bring a glow to the face for the rest of the day.

 The single herb tablets –  Tulsi , Giloy , Turmeric , Ashwaghadha , Neem , Shatavri , Triphala, etc. are already household names. We have all these products to offer anyone who is committed to their health. Always in tune with customer preferences, 360 Degree Organic started a range of Juices – Aloevera , Amla , Giloy , Karela Jamun, Neem & Tulsi drops. These can be taken as daily shots to kick start the gut & whole immune system.

Their customers also seem to be showing a preference for the exotic ingredients in Kumkumadi Tailam. This product is rooted in tradition and has been popular through the ages for its ability to promote soft, clear glowing skin. It’s a product that comes in premium purple and gold packaging and is great for gifting. While most brands focus on selling a product to the market, Viral’s vision extends to creating overall community wellness. 

360 Degree Juice

Since their product range takes care of health for all age groups – from youngsters to middle-aged as well as senior citizens, this brand is truly on a mission to align the future generation to adopting wellness found in Nature. “For centuries, our ancestors knew that Nature had the power to provide ingredients that were not only restorative and curative but also preventive in Nature. Why not bring in small changes in our daily routine & dietary choices with something as simple as 20ml of Morning Mantra in your morning glass of warm water?” says a customer who has been using their products regularly.

While it is currently available at Jeevan Rekha in Panjim & Miramar, Union Pharmacy in Mapusa, Hindu Pharmacy in Margao and Panjim, it will soon be available in super markets soon.

What is also helping the brand seep into the homes of Goans currently is, of course, the attractive innovative packaging & emphasis on ease-of-purchase the products at home (through eCommerce websites like Amazon & Flipkart as well as their own online store), or pick them up from the nearest wellness store/pharmacist. “We’ve noticed that many Goans are ordering our products on Amazon and our own website is also equipped to take orders and deliver throughout the State of Goa,” says Mr. Dave.  With a price range from INR 150 to INR 950, customers are fining these budget-friendly health products to be easy to purchase, easy to use, and easy to recommend to friends & family. 

Founder’s vision on his brand: 

“It is our mission to create awareness about ancient Indian wisdom that has been over-shadowed and even forgotten due to western influence on our lifestyle over the decades. At 360 Degree Organic we are determined to revive the purity & magic of Ayurveda across all age groups” 

Recently they started involving the local community in wellness practices like meditation and yoga, through the Wellness Wednesday concept. A qualified local teacher is identified to conduct online sessions sponsored by 360 Degree Organic.

360 Degree Kumkumadi

“Our research and manufacturing team are constantly working on new products to bring to the community. We feel very fulfilled with our mission to bring about a change in the way people look after their physical and mental health, going forward” he says.

Future of the brand 

The brand will soon be introducing herbal eye drops to combat the fatigue of long hours on electronic mediums. Also, a ready-to-cook health product that is literally a grandmother’s recipe for strength and immunity. And, 360 Degree Organic has a firm finger on the pulse of the community. It is slated to keep offering its brilliant range of herbal products to an all-India and gradually to a global audience.

After all, our survival instincts have kicked in, and everyone is seeking to make smarter and better lifestyle choices. Brands that can ensure quality and affordable products, will always continue serving the community.

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