The colonial houses of Goa are the series of stories which we will bring to you in parts it is based on the in-depth research of the heritage houses of Goa. Here we are going to take you through the journey of the unknown giving you the bit by bit details of “The Colonial Houses of Goa” this will also include the brief history and present status. In this part, we are going to take you to the house of Menezes Braganza Pereira also known as Braganza House situated in Chandor.
Konkani film industry has just started spreading its tentacles in Goa with some really good quality movies been produced recently by the new generation producers. Though the budgets were small but due to its quality content most of them did well at the box office. Some even managed to get their place in international film festivals, but many of you may not be aware that the Goan film industry started flourishing in the early 60’s but unlike the Mumbai film industry it did not reach to any destination and perhaps collapsed due to the lack of resources and audience.
There are various examples now a day whereby the movies are made on the true life stories of people. Making the film on the life of the person who is well known and achieved the tremendous name and fame is very common today. But making the movie on the life of someone that been barely acknowledged for his or her great work during is very rare. This is the story of the unsung musicians who devoted their lives to the music and contributed the lion's share towards the shaping of Bombay’s music industry. It is also the story of The bittersweet relationship between a young singer and her musician mentor which is featured on the screen by Bardroy Barretto, the talented Goan director of a movie “Nachom-ia Kumpasar”.
Goan songs have a great work of art and simplicity within them. Over the years people have enjoyed the tunes and lyrics of the Konkani songs sung by famous Goan singers. Not only do these songs bring out the joy in their rhythm, but deep meaning and experience play a mystery role behind them. These songs are sung time and again at different festivals, public gatherings, and Goan weddings. Here are a few songs on the list that will give you an insight of the story behind it.
A Harry Fernandes directed movie Zanvoy No. 1 is releasing on May 12th, 2018 in Goa. It is ‘Sangati Creations’ maiden venture, with Cyril Castelino, Leo Fernandes and Walter D'Souza as the producers of this multi starrer Konkani film. We got the opportunity to talk to Mr. Cyril Castelino, one of the producers of Zanvoy No.1 who is in Goa for the promotion of the film. Here is what he has to say about this exciting new venture and growth of Konkani Cinema.  
Following the Grand Inauguration of IFFI in the presence of King Khan of Bollywood, the Indian Panorama was inaugurated by Sridevi, one of the Indian film industry's most iconic leading ladies.  A special press conference was today held for the two opening films of India Panorama, Section, ‘Pushkar-Puran’ and ‘Pihu’, was attended by the respective directors Kamal Swaroop and Vinod Kapri and child artist, Myra Vishwakarma.
The Konkani film industry is growing by the day with more and more quality contents adding to its kitty. The standard of film making has improved to quite an extent in the recent decade. The first Konkani movie that created the buzz in the state was Nachom-ia Kumpasar created history and the new generation of Konkani movies began since then.
The film is based on the story of an 8-yar-old Refugee boy adopted by a couple who recently lost their only child. It is a heart-touching story but besides that, it also gives a very strong message that despite of all the development that has taken place in the world we are still morally backward. 
The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has started its reign with the opening ceremony on Wednesday and it will keep ruling the heart and mind of the film enthusiasts for the next seven days. The organizing committee, the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) actively encourages local talent, artists, film fans and the like to play a vital role in the visuals of the festival. With this aim, ESG has asked students of the Goa College of Art to create unique art installations to be showcased across the ‘IFFI Mile’, the road that runs alongside the Mandovi River promenade in Panaji.
A panel of non-feature & feature films jury, which included esteemed director Mr Priyadarshan, infamous Mahabharata narrator Mr Harish Bhimani, Vinod Ganatra, award winning actress and film maker Sreelekha Mukherji, and docu-film directors Aarti Shrivastava and Ronel Haobam spoke yesterday of their work on this section of the IFFI 2019.
The 50th International Film festival of India has many new films that tell the story concerning our society and it has many such movies in its kitty this year. The opening of the IFFI began with the film which is based on the story of a refugee boy that is presently haunting the entire world. Interdependence and Orey are two such movies that put the light on two major issues that are haunting our Indian society at the moment.
Just preparing a good food is not enough, you also need to get the foodies at your doorstep, and that is the similar situation faced by the Marathi Movies which are made with a lot of dedication and efforts making sure that the content is also of a very good quality but despite that it did not pull the crowd due to lack of promotional budget. The producer and director of Marathi film BHONGA spoke about the hurdles Marathi Cinema faces, during the press conference at IFFI 2019 in Goa.