Following the Grand Inauguration of IFFI in the presence of King Khan of Bollywood, the Indian Panorama was inaugurated by Sridevi, one of the Indian film industry’s most iconic leading ladies.  A special press conference was today held for the two opening films of India Panorama, Section, ‘Pushkar-Puran’ and ‘Pihu’, was attended by the respective directors Kamal Swaroop and Vinod Kapri and child artist, Myra Vishwakarma.

Piquing the curiosity of everyone in attendance was the film, ‘Pihu’ which revolves around a 2-year-old who fails to wake her unresponsive mother and takes to exploring the spacious apartment looking for food while periodically distracted from her chores by nervous phone calls from her father who is trying to reach his wife. Keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats, the movie showed much promise inciting gasps and laughter as the suspense gradually heightens into the plot.

Talking about the film, director Vinod Kapri said, “Pihu is a special film not because its protagonist is a two-year-old child and also not because she is the only character in the film, but maybe because the whole crew and the child’s family lived in the same apartment for a while to get her attuned to the film. It’s a great opportunity to showcase my film at IFFI Goa 2017.” He added that having the platform of IFFI 2017 for an independent filmmaker like him is an honor and morale booster.

The next opening film also garnered much intrigue as after helming cult film “Om Dar-B-Dar”, filmmaker Kamal Swaroop returned to cinema after three decades with Pushkar-Puran, a film about Lake City Pushkar in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. The movie showcases how in the month of Karthik, the city turns into a mirage-like fair, with villagers, folk artists, musicians, cattle, camels, horses, ferris-wheels, and merry-go-rounds.  

Speaking before the screening of the film, director Kamal Swaroop said, “Thank you to everybody, the jury, IFFI organizers. I have liked the festival very much. I am lucky. This is my second opening film in the Panorama.” Further, He told media that as he is a resident at Ajmer, his film is not only emanating from imagination but his own experiences too.

The 48th Edition of IFFI will take place until 28th of November, 2017 in the beach state of Goa.  IFFI is India’s biggest and Asia’s oldest film festival, making it one of the most prestigious in the world.



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