Around 30% Government Staff Engaged into Private Business in Goa

In Today’s competitive world everyone looks for the option of a second income and get engaged into the side business to make little more money. It is quite fair for the individuals provided that they do not work in Government departments. But in Goa whooping 30% of the Government staff are involved in “Side Business”

Taking the cognizance of same Labour Employment Minister Rohan Khaunte said that such people should resign from the Government Job and create the space for unemployed skilled youth.

According to the report published in Business Standard ( Goa Labour and Employment Minister Rohan Khaunte Friday said “at least 30 percent” of government employees were operating private businesses and the administration should weed them out, and in the process create jobs for educated youth.    

“If a government servant has started a side business, then it is a good thing since he has created employment. However, he should resign from his government job,” Khaunte said, adding that he would be writing to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to create a task force to identify such government staffers.

The government staff involved into the side businesses lax in their official duties as they prefer to give more time to their personal business, stated the minister adding that there is a serious need of replicating the policy at the center under which some officers were asked to take voluntary retirement. Khaunte also said that Goa’s employment policy would be formulated soon and the consultation process for it has already begun.

The study conducted by the Labour Department it has been revealed that as much as 30% Government servants are involved in private businesses in the state. The report published in the local daily Navhind Times ( over 30 percent of the government workforce is self-employed despite the fact that unemployment is growing among youth and government jobs have been shrinking. Hence, the action is needed to curb such illegal practices and create vacancies for unemployed youth.

Mr. Khaunte was speaking at an interactive session held with chief executive officers (CEOs) and human resource (HR) managers of major industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, light engineering, tourism, chemical, and others so as to take their feedback to draft the state employment policy.

The plans are into the pipeline and soon the same will be executed, said the sources. There also plans of introducing informants in the lines of Traffic Sentinel (besides appointing the task force) thus giving rewards to those providing specific information about government servants undertaking business.

“Legally, a government employee is not allowed to do any business but they parallelly start a business in their spouse’s name or children’s name and supervise the business. They will have to choose between the government job and self-employment. This trend has to be stopped by terminating such employees from service to create a vacancy pool for freshers to fill the gap of unemployment,” the minister said.

What are your views on this issue? do you think the decision taken by the labour minister is right and there is a need of stopping the malpractices carried on by the Government employees? Please share your views here…


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