GMC Is Full While Several Beds In South Goa District and ESI Hospitals Continues Remain Empty

ESI Hospital in Margao
ESI Covid Hospital in Margao

As the state continues to report daily average cases of between 400-500, a local report pointed out towards several empty beds at two dedicated covid hospitals in South Goa – ESI Margao and South Goa District Hospital. 

According to the report, the ESI hospital has been having nearly 30-35 beds empty on a regular basis for the past three days. Officials from the hospital, however, have no particular explanation for this. 

“The bed capacity in the ESI hospital has been hovering around 160-170 in the last three days. We do not have any particular reason why the beds are vacant. We have not gone into it,” Dr. Vishwajit Faldessai, in charge at ESI hospital was quoted as saying. 

Similarly, at the South Goa District hospital, which was commissioned into a full-fledged covid hospital, there are about 40 vacant beds currently. Here, only mild to moderate patients are admitted. Also, step down patients from ESI hospital are mostly transferred here for their final recovery stages. 

The Goa Medical College, which has been severely struggling to manage the rising cases in the state, continues to handle the severe and critical care patients being admitted. 

According to sources, the situation in terms of crowding due to the unavailability of covid beds has somewhat improved over this last week, as compared to what the situation was earlier last month. 

Although some patients are still kept on trolleys due to no beds available, a new ward opened up for covid patients has somewhat eased the burden. 

The empty beds, however, in the two hospitals in South Goa could be appropriately used, but many claims that due to the severity of the cases among patients that report the last minute, most are referred to the apex hospital. As such, GMC is overburdened, and hospitals in the South have extra vacant beds. 

Also, the absence of an ICU facility for covid patients at the South Goa district hospitals put more pressure onto the GMC, as patients needing ICU support are immediately transferred. 

To cope with this, the government had recently decided to set up an ICU facility at the district hospital. Anticipating a possible spike, the set up will come in handy for patients of critical nature needing immediate ICU support. The same will also reduce the load on GMC. 

Meanwhile, the bed capacity is also expected to be increased to 350 beds, from the current 150 beds to tackle future surges. The ESI hospital meanwhile, has a capacity of 220 beds, and cannot be further increased, as it is its maximum capacity. The hospital was the first covid hospital in the state, and since then, it had been constantly upgraded with increasing spikes.  


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