Cybercrime is the modern form of criminal activity in which the hackers or cyber criminals indulge in criminal activities such as stealing money, committing fraud and cheating innocent with the help of cyber technology. Just like any other form of crime, there are cyber crime cells in the police departments to take care of these cybercriminals. Our Goa does have one such cyber crime cell, but unfortunately, it lacks the required equipment and manpower to solve the cases.


According to the sources, there is nearly 80 percent of cybercrime cases have remained unsolved due to the lack of essential equipment and qualified manpower. That seems to be a huge number, how police can provide justice to the people who have become the victim of cybercrime?

The report published by the Times of India there are total 99 cases had been reported to the cyber crime cell, and out of that only 20 had been detected while only in the 10 cases the charge sheet had been filed for which the cases are still pending for the trial.          

In the cybercrime, more than 90 percent cases do not even get reported as the victims do not want to come ahead due to the mentality of our stereotype society, and the remaining 10 percent who comes ahead they also hardly get any justice.   

The report further states that the Centre has approved Rs 1.4 crore for cyber training lab under Cyber Crime Prevention Against Women and Children (CCPWC) Scheme and police have sent the file to the state government to avail those funds, but it is pending administrative approval.

When contacted by the media the IGP (Inspector general of police) Jaspal Singh said, “We are in the process of strengthening the cyber crime cell and already 84 people have been trained in the investigation.”

The investigation of cybercrime is not easy and it needs the high level of computer skills, and our police department lacks that kind of manpower, said the sources.

Credit Card Swapping is one form of Cyber Crime

The trained manpower needs to investigate the case by doing onsite imaging of disks and onsite analysis by tracking the leads and trails. Sources said an investigation of cybercrime and securing digital evidence requires special tools. “Officers are needed for handling and application of forensic tools and techniques,” sources said.

Besides having strong manpower and high-end equipment there is a need of public awareness about the cybercrime, people should know what kind of cyber crimes are taking place and how they can save themselves from it. 

Sources said that wide publicity is needed on a sustained level, regarding modus operandi of cyber fraudsters, especially to alert the public against the dangers in responding to tempting e-mails or SMS.

According to the sources, there is also a need for a CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems) data to be shared across the nation and they have stressed on the Cyber Bulletin within the CCTNS structure wherein police from different states could share the details of online offenders who are wanted or have been apprehended. “This data may be used by the police force across the country, and it will help police solve cyber crimes,” a source said.     

Online Fraud you need be very careful of

In December 2013, the state government had granted permission to set up a cyber crime cell (CCC) in the state and recruitment of technical persons for the same. A year later, the government declared CCC as a police station exclusively for investigating cyber crimes. 

The CCC investigate financial crime involving cheating, credit card frauds, money laundering, cyber photography, including production and distribution of pornographic material; sale of illegal articles such as narcotics, weapons, wildlife; intellectual property crime such as theft of computer source code, software piracy, copyright infringement, trademark violation, deployment of virus, cyber attack, cyber terrorism and so on.



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