Goa’s Apex Hospital Is Filled With COVID Patients Putting Extra Burden On Limited Medical Staff

Hospital Is Filled With COVID Patients
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Goa’s top medical hospital the Goa Medical College and Hospital continues to face the brunt with patients flooding the hospital to get themselves admitted for covid-19 treatment. As news surfaces that patients are being made to lay on trolley stretchers, wheelchairs, and at times even on the floor, there is only a till a certain thing that doctors can handle. 

According to a local report, several doctors at the top hospital are just overburdened with covid duty, and with very little rotations, there is hardly any relief to them. 

The hands that can go in to tend to patients is limited, and with wards overpacked, many healthcare staff, including nurses and other medical workers are finding it an upheaval task to handle all needs of the covid patients. 

The report, quoting resident doctors posted at GMC’s covid-19 wards stated that the number of patients is just too much, and care-givers cannot handle all patients. 

It is learnt, that a usual ward of 30 patients is now fitted with nearly 45 covid patients, however, the staff posted in each ward remains the same. As such, with the increase in patient load, it only gets tough for doctors and nurses to cater to all patients effectively. 

According to information from certain sources, it is also learnt that several patients, who recover and no longer need oxygen supply, but need certain monitoring of other parameters are reluctant to shift to other hospitals. 

Some either claim to be from North Goa and refuse to move to covid hospitals having beds available in the South, while some claim underlying health conditions or any other reasons. As such, many times, those needing urgent beds are made to wait, and as such, it gets into a very tricky situation. 

Furthermore, the report has also pointed out towards doctors available but not being used for covid duty. Dr. Edwin Gomes, who was hailed as a covid warrior for setting up the state’s first covid hospital at ESI in Margao, reportedly is not being made use of despite being the head of the medicine department at GMC. 

“Only a few doctors are on duty in rotation causing exhaustion. Dr. Edwin’s services are not being utilized. Dr. Sunanda Amonkar, Dr. Uday Kakodkar, and Dr. Anar Khandeparkar have been drafted in administrative roles which can be shouldered by non-clerical officials,” a resident doctor, on condition of anonymity was quoted as saying. 

There is a severe shortage of medical doctors being felt at the state’s top hospital, with many resident doctors, juniors, and seniors, including other trainee doctors being over-exhausted with continuous duties. Though breaks are provided, it gets very exhausting, doctors say. 

With very little relief, many claims that the situation is unlikely to improve until the cases begin to show a decline in the state. Severely critical patients are provided all the treatment needed, but, with resources and manpower scarce, it only gets difficult for doctors and healthcare staff as they are doing the best they can. 


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