Unemployment Rate In Goa High, Need To Study Reasons, Says CM

Unemployment Rate In Goa High
Unemployment Youth at Goa's Employment Exchange

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday, admitted that the unemployment rate in the state of Goa has been high, saying that several unemployed youths have registered themselves with the Employment Exchange.

Stating that the state needs to study the reasons behind the high unemployment rates, Chief Minister claimed that the private sector is struggling to find skilled persons to work in Goa.

The Chief Minister was speaking at the launch of a Model Career Centre (MCC) in Panaji, in the presence of Labour and Employment Minister Jennifer Monserrate.

“Goa’s unemployment rate has increased significantly and to reduce it, the model career center will play an important role. Many say that Goans are not getting jobs, but the industry says that nobody is there to work,” the CM said.

Saying that this Model Centre will provide facilities to create a proper and conducive environment for youths to seek employment, the CM said that they will also open employment prospects within private companies.

Especially during the pandemic, many youths, being new to the working world, have lost their jobs, or have been laid off at work due to various reasons.

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Many, some highly educated such as mechanical and IT engineers are currently unemployed at home. Worse, many are not aware of the facilities such as that of the Employment Exchange in the state.

Urging youth to start off their own business, the CM added, “When there is a mechanical engineer, IT engineer, I get surprised when they are unemployed. Either they should get employed or start their own business. We have to study and find the fault.”

The job market however in the state continues to very restricted when it comes to professional fields, with many companies even opting for employees from out of the state. Hence, several youths tend to look towards government jobs, however, with little to no openings, many are left jobless.

It is learnt that nearly one lakh individuals are registered t the state employment exchange. Of these, about 75% of them are currently not employed, while the rest are looking for better prospects. 

The new Model Care Centre will be managed by the Confederation of Indian Industry and will conduct elaborate seminars and webinars for Goans. 


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