The past couple of weeks have seen Goa battered by incessant rainfall. Panjim, the capital city, has seen terrible flooding which gives rise to the term, urban flooding. According to experts, if the issue of urban flooding is not addressed immediately, the city’s heritage structures will fall victim to the floods.
Goa as a tourist destination needs no introduction. The smallest state in the country is the most coveted destination by both domestic as well as international tourists. The blend of Indian and Portuguese culture is what Goa is made of. However, it is unfortunate that the things that make Goa beautiful are not well preserved.  The rich legacies of the Adil Shahi Fort are returning to dust. To know more read on…
Siesta or Susegad in Konkani means taking the life easily, no hurry and no hassle and this is nothing but the way of life for Goans. But how this lifestyle developed in Goans and what is responsible for the same? Does Siesta mean a Lazy? Here in this story, we will try to give the answer to all the questions that might have remained unanswered till now.
The decision of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has created a wave of controversy across the state of Goa and many Goans have not welcomed the decision of ASI to register the private antiques within the time frame of 15 days. The real reason behind the decision of the ASI is not yet known, but not many Goans are happy about the same as most of them owns a huge amount of antiques in their several hundred-year-old Portuguese Houses, and it is practically impossible to register each and every item with the ASI.
Goa, A place which has been ruled by various historic dynasties for centuries to come. One of the major reasons which attracted many dynasties to Goa was the beautiful coastline which was famous for sea trade. One such dynasty which captured Goa was the great Maratha Dynasty. In the 15th century, major parts of Goa were ruled by Adil Shah Empire. In 1525, Alfonso De Albuquerque, Portuguese Commander General waged a war and captured Tiswadi from Adil Shah. On the other side Shivaji Maharajah captured the Dicholim Mahal and took a total control over it. This was the first footstep charged by the Maratha Empire on Gomantak (name in which Goa was known as).
Goa is not only about the beaches and night clubs but it also consists of hinterlands and villages like Netravali. Situated in the far from the capital city, in the north Goa, Netravali is rich with the natural resources and nature in abundance, but despite that Goa Tourism department did not promote this place properly and Goa Government has neglected it by and far. Now the situation is such that this village lacks even the basic facilities. Here is the report.   
Goa has a significant otter population in Chorao Island. An otter research center, the first of its kind in Asia is being set up on the island. Goa’s smooth-coated otters with webbed feet are among the 13 different species found in the world and have adapted well to the mangroves of the island.
Saying ‘I Do’ on the sandy beaches of Goa against the backdrop of the sea may the ultimate romantic wedding dream. Goa State Coastal Zone Management Authority is willing to play cupid to these starry-eyed brides and grooms, provided couples comply with their norms. 
Goa has a very rich cultural history prior to the invasion of Mughals and Portuguese. A lot of historical structures were either destroyed or converted by the invaders into their own domain, but despite that they could not erase the traces of Indian culture from it, and today when historians dig little deeper, they find a gold mine of rich culture buried under the debris of the old structures. The story of Alorna Fort is no different.   
Dona Paula, the famous tourist spot situated in the capital city of Goa is known for its imaginary love story of character Dona and Paula. The myth turned into the reality following the Kamal Hasan movie Ek Duje Ke Liye which was released in the late 80s. Honeymooners from all over India specially visit this place to mark their presence at this epic place not knowing the real story behind it.    
The image of Goa has been portrayed as a beach and party destination and most of the domestic tourists come to Goa to have fun, but Goa is much more beyond beaches and bars and there are many offbeat things that you can do while on your trip to Goa. This piece of article will shed some more light on the offbeat activities that you can do while in Goa.
The bone of contention of campaigning politicians, Mala Lake continues to consume the filth and garbage of the city.  It remains to be seen whether promises will be fulfilled and this once beautiful lake restored to her former glory