We normally blame the outsiders, especially the Indian tourists coming to Goa considering it an invasion of outsiders in our state. We do not want to comment on how justified that is, but this story will change the entire perspective of Goan people. This story is written by of one of the businessmen Mr. Prashanth Rao Aroor from Maharashtra, who owns the chain of hotels in Mumbai and it his first-hand experience while his stay in Goa. A trip to Goa is a dream come true for the tourists. But sometimes all that glitters is not gold. Many times the local Goans are the main reason to spoil the image of Goa by giving out a bad experience to the tourists. Recently a family from Mumbai who visited Goa had a disturbing experience and they pleaded to the Government of Goa and the Tourism Department to pay attention to a particular issue which might later become a real deal breaker for the state. What was that entire experience all about? Read the experience, right from the horse's mouth.
The Portuguese nationality or dual citizenship are the two sides of a coin. Goans holding the Portuguese passports are considered to be the dual nationals as they also hold an Indian passport. This privilege has been granted by the system to the Goans who were born in the state prior to 1961. The privilege was further extended to their children and grandchildren. How Goans get this privilege is not an issue anymore, but how long this privilege going to remain with Goans is the matter of concern at the moment.
The Indian mythology and Indian traditions & culture does not show the traces of the existence of the Christianity in India and hence the same may be applicable to the Goa. History of Goan Catholics recounts the history of the Indian state of Goa from their conversion to Christianity to date. No concrete evidence has been found that Christianity prevailed in Goa before the Portuguese arrived, but it is believed that St. Bartholomew, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, brought and spread the Gospel in Konkan including Goa, just as St. Thomas had done in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern India.
Dual citizenship issue is the most controversial issue that presently every Goan is facing. Everybody is confused about this term. Is the dual citizenship allowed in the Indian constitution? Or the there is a special provision only for Goans? How many Goans really hold Portuguese passport? Do all of them lose their Indian citizenship due to that? The questions are endless and speculations are many. In this article, we are trying to put across the facts and figures so that you can decide what is right and what is not. Here are some most important points put across by the Goa’s renowned senior lawyer Advocate Radharao Gracious which will put more light on this issue.
A heavy spell of showers was cleaving through the calm September evening as I entered the second-floor apartment in a quiet beachside suburb of Chennai where Hartman de Souza had asked me to meet him. His book, Eat Dust: Greed and Mining in Goa, which I had picked up entirely by chance from a neglected corner of our newsroom reserved for depressing tomes, had left me shocked, angry, and more than a little curious. I had been to Goa a few times, and like almost everybody else, I had come away with the typical clichéd image of a sleepy tourist paradise where people had quirky accents and the alcohol was priced just right. de Souza’s book talks of a different side of Goa: of vast open-cast mines belching iron ore and machines eating away at mountains, of rampant environmental destruction and the deafening indifference it has provoked from all quarters.
The dual nationality or Portuguese nationality issue has come up once again into the debate with the proclamation made by the Union Home Ministry on Caetano Rosario Silva alias Caitu’s nationality issue. According to the sources, the home ministry of India has given Caitu a lifeline by certifying him as an Indian national. The sources further said that, with this new development, the home ministry has opened the proverbial Pandora’s box and given a glimpse of hope to thousands of Goans who had registered their births in Portugal.
The 2017 Goa Assembly Election results were declared on the 11th March which was Saturday. The results made Congress a single largest political party in the state with 17 seats in their account. BJP managed to secure the second place with just 13 seats this time and rest had a very negligible share. The speculations of Congress is going to form a government this time started in the media. But Congress, as usual, became carefree due to their victory and switched back to take it easy policy.
There is a serious need for asking this question as the Tourist Taxi Operators in Goa are not ready to install the digital meter to come under the umbrella of fair price practice. The tourists coming to the state have been complaining about the behaviour and the changes applied by the tourist taxi operators in the state. There is no existing machinery in the state to take control of this issue. The first question is how much is the fair price from the Goa’s lone Airport to Calangute? and the Second question, who decides these prices? Following is the story of a British Tourist on his visit to Goa and according to him, the taxi operator had fleeced him by charging Rs. 3000 from Dabolim to Calangute. It is not alone the foreigners who got fleeced by the taxi operators, but even the Goan returning from aboard had to face the same tune. Read the Complete story here.
Tourist is not only guests but also someone who brings the revenue to Goa. They need to be treated with respect, but that is not practiced regularly. There are several incidents of tourists getting fleeced and this article is based on the feedback tourists gave. It throws light on how they feel about Goa and Goans.
This piece of article has been compiled from the various sources of information which show the beginning of Goan migration and trading trend abroad. Goans have been always migrating due to lack of an employment option in the state regardless of whether it was Portuguese regime then or an Indian rule now. Goa, a small territory with very limited population has a vast international Diaspora and it is a matter of record that Goans were never used as bonded labor, unlike others Indians in British India. According to the available information, Goans traded in East Africa in the 10th century which shows that they were truly seafarers and intercontinental movers. Later on, during Portuguese colonial rule, Christian Goans became a part of the Portuguese seafaring tradition. The majority of Goan immigrants have been originated from the Old Conquests mainly Bardez, Tiswadi, Salcete, and Mormugao.
The voters from south Goa having the Christian majority are more upset on Vijai Sardesai and the same can be seen on the social media. “It is a shame that the man who swore by Goem, Goemkar, and Goemkarponn has backstabbed the people. The man who accused the party of the U-turns is now aligning with the very same party. We should be ashamed of this. Let us pray to God so that these people at least understand what shame is,” remarked a priest in one of the Churches in minority Salcete during the early morning mass on.
Girls having the weird experience in Goa is not the new story anymore, especially when the girl do not accompany by man. The recent narration of the upcoming film actress while her trip to Goa alone was one such example of the same. The following is very engrossing narration by two girls who came to spend their vacation in Goa for three days on their so called bachelorette. In the following piece of the article, the author narrates her trip to Goa with her best friend and what kind of treatment they faced especially from the persons of opposite sex. According to her, Goa is everything you can ask for on a vacation and some of what you never ask for too.