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Traffic Sentinel Scheme Creating a Massive Outbreak in the state, Even the Legislatures of a Ruling Party Fighting amongst themselves in the Assembly Hall over the issue of traffic sentinel calling it a complete failure. The BJP Legislature Micheal Lobo said that the Sentinels have not received their remuneration till date. That means the Sentinels are doing all the work besides getting the beating from the people and still not getting paid for their handwork?? 
When the students pay a huge amount of sum for the canteen facilities they are supposed to receive good quality food but that was something that did not happen at the Goa’s premier education institute, The Goa University and following the complaint from the student the FDA was forced to shut down the canteen of University's Men’s Hostel.
The ruling party BJP seems to have completely become cornered over the selection of candidates for the forthcoming polls that is about to take place in a couple of months. There is huge discontent amongst the BJP Karyakartas (Party Workers) due to the entry of defected Congress MLAs and they do not want the party ditching their loyal colonels for the defectors.
This is one of the most serious issues that none of the authorities including the local MLA is looking into. The Mapusa rivulet that is used for Ganesha Immersion every year has become a sewage water reserve inviting various health hazards to the people of Mapusa. Everyone knows about it and people see the same day in and day out but surprisingly none of the authorities including the local MLA has bothered doing something about the same.
Human trafficking is unfortunately not a new thing and has been happening all over the county and across the world. Goa is not new to this and there were many cases in the past that have come into light wherein the girls from neighbouring states have been brought here on the pretext of being given jobs and pushed into the flesh trading business.
Goa attracts more than seven million tourists per year from across the world, but this year the footfalls of the tourists went down due to several reasons, and one of the major reason behind it is the harassment of the women tourists on the beaches of Goa. But how the whole story of harassment began and who is responsible for this? Why do tourists think that Booze and Girls are available in Goa?
Goa, a tiny little state, situated on the west coast of India and called as Pearl of East is best known for its scenic virgin beaches and hospitable lovely people but with the times' everything has changed. Goa is no more the place people from around the world used to think it was, but it is that Goa now what people from the world think it is.
It is said that the Necessity is a mother of Invention and the story of the origination of the Flea Market in the state is nothing different. You will be surprised to know how the concept of Flea Market came into existence. Here in this very interesting story, we are going to tell how the Hippies Market came into existence in Goa.
Just like it always happens, following the liberation, local political parties take over the power in their own hands, and then they try to put things together with their own judgement. When Goa was liberated by the Indian Army from the clutches of Portuguese rule, the regional party took over the reign of the state and devised the course of action as for how to take the state forward. But in the last 57 years, all the political parties have done only one thing to Goa, and that is destruction.
This statement might sound a little weird but it is a fact that colonisation of Goa by the Portuguese was much milder compared to the British rule all over India and thus perhaps Goans remained under the Portuguese rule for more than four and a half centuries. Goans were much happier compared to the rest of the Indians as they were not suppressed by the Portuguese rulers and given equal right and status.