Goan Identities are under Threat with Migrants Changing Their Names?

In the month of February earlier this year, as reported in the Herald, the news of a migrant Mallappa Masmardi changing his name to Mark Mascarenhas went viral on social media giving a rise to a speculations on the issue of threat to Goan identity due to the frequency in which the migrants changing their names in Goa. Public notices of these name changes keep appearing in the newspaper on a daily basis.

How Migrants Manages to Use Goan Names – Report

This serious thing came into the light recently, migrants entering into Goa from the neighbouring states making use of local Goan names when they get caught for their involvement in crimes. The question here is how they manage to change their names so easily when the Goa Law does not allow anyone not born in Goa to change their names? The following article will give you the entire details as to how migrants manage to change their names.

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