Goa is supposed to be one of the safest place in India for the women and tourists. People from across the world comes to Goa to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Earlier Goa had never been highlighted for any sort of immoral activities but the recent development encroachment of migrants have to lead to many illegal businesses in the coastal belt. Calangute is one of the most famous beaches situated in North Goa. Majorly populated with Desi tourists, it also is known as “Desi Tourist Haven” but besides being the famous it has also become the notorious due to the increase saturation of the Pimps who targets these “Desi” tourists for making some bucks. This trend is becoming a threat to the tourism industry of Goa.
Every year Goa gets approximately 6 million tourists, which is almost three times the population of the state. But recently there has been a sharp decline in the tourism sector due to various reasons and the major cause behind this are the uncontrolled taxi fares and corrupt police of the state.
The term of Guru, which means the teacher has originated in India. With the civilization, that is as old as 5000 years makes India one of the oldest civilization in the world. India is also considered to be an origin of Yoga which was practiced by the sages in India. But as the power of Yoga spread across the world, many foreigners realized the value of it and now the foreigners practice Yoga and also teaches the same to Indians.
In the past few years, the tourism has been constantly on the decline in the state of Goa, especially those high spending tourists, have suddenly seemed to be disappeared from the scene, and they are replaced by the cheap and bargaining tourists. Goa’s economy and businesses are mainly dependent on the tourism industry and following the closure of Mining business in the state that is the only source of income remains for the state government locals alike. Goa lost the high spending tourists which made a lot of difference to the dream of every tourist. why tourism is scaling down in the state? The reason is the existence of a Travel Related Disease that is creating a threat to the tourism industry of Goa…   
The COVID-19 pandemic has set its foot in India, and everyone is trying their level best to combat it. Strict measures are being taken to save the people of the country. In many parts of the country, schools, colleges,...
GTDC, also known as Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the autonomous body of the Department of Tourism to handle Marketing and promotion of tourism-related activities in Goa came up with many ambitious projects but, most of them either did not take off or remained dormant due to the lack of foresight and planning. Amphibian Bus Service or Duck Boat project that was launched by the GTDC in the year 2016, unfortunately, is one of them and the bus is standing under the GTDC office at Patto.
Subletting of Shacks is not the new story and every year hundreds of shacks have been sublet by the owners to the outsiders who in turn then operates the same in the name of original owners. This practice is going on since ages but no action has been initiated in the past and this time it looks like the Tourism Minister has taken cognizance and warned the owners to refrain from such malpractices.      
Following the total number of deaths have gone up to three at Sunburn Festival the opposition demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter along with the detention of the festival organizers, While the organizer and tourism minister preferred to stay away from the media, the state cultural minister Govind Gaude on Monday said that no one forced people to attend the Sunburn Event. 
The government has extended its support to GoaMiles based taxi app, even as local tourist taxi operators dispute the same, demanding for an app floated by the Government and not a private party. The government is also mulling introducing new taxi-based apps in the State. The amicable solution that is being sought by the government only seems to be aggravating the situation
The tourism industry in Goa has completely collapsed due to the coronavirus crises but it had already started to decline a couple of years back with the foreigners count kept dropping every year. There were several reasons behind the...