Over 100 Mobile Phones Stolen from Music Lovers attending Sunburn Festival at Vagator in North Goa

With over 100 mobile phones stolen from the visitors at Sunburn Klassique EDM Event going on at Vagator in North Goa, it’s not the music alone, but the thieves Steal the Show this year. The Sunburn music festival this year began with the negative vibe due to the death of two Andhra Tourists who collapsed at the venue on the first day of the festival and now the news of Mobile phone theft inside the festival venue have made the things worst. 

This Christmas Goa Traffic Police Gives Chocolates Instead of Challans to the Traffic Violators

You may be surprised to read this headline and wondering as to why Goa Police have become chocolate distributors, you are right it is surprising news but it was limited only for the Christmas which is already over. But the Goa Traffic police have done the commendable job by educating people becoming a Santa Clause and if they carry on this attitude in the new year it will help many to learn the traffic rule in a real sense, Will it?

Goa Police to Issue Stickers to the Vehicles coming from other States to Save Tourists from Unnecessary Hardships

There is a common practice when the cops see the vehicles registered outside the Goa moving around in the state, it is invariably stopped on the pretext of checking the documents and from thereon the real harassment of the tourists begins. Despite many reports in the media nothing much had been done in the past which led to depriving Goa of tourists. But now it looks like the CM of Goa Mr Pramod Sawant has taken cognisance of the same and issued new guidelines to reduce the harassment of the tourists by the cops.       

Why Canacona is Witnessing a Severe drop in Tourist Footfall in Peak Season?

Canacona was supposed to be one of the major tourist hubs for the foreigners for the past few decades. The enchanting serenity and remoteness of the place always attracted the foreigners to Canacona but this year despite the peak season the areas like Palolem, Agonda, Patnem, and Colomb witnessing a huge drop in tourist inflow, is this due to the recent cases of rapes and murder of foreigners is haunting this place or is this due to the overall drop in season?

The beginning of a New Year May See a Spike in Tourist Inflow in Goa

With the number of events and parties have lined up during the year-end222 in Goa, the boost in tourist inflow seems to be inevitable in the state. The gradually declining tourism scenario in the state will find some solace with the upcoming music events like Sunburn and Klassique scheduled to take place in Goa this month-end.

Goa Needs to Control Rampant Construction of Hotels to Save itself from Drowning in Over-Tourism

According to the statistics provided by the Tourism Department, Goa gets approximately six million tourists to flow into the state which is three times the Goan population. But unfortunately, Goa does not have the proper infrastructure to handle this traffic, especially during the peak season things become unmanageable. Many investors have invested a huge sum of money into the state for the construction of hotels and resorts but does that really helps the tourism in the state?

Government to Crack Down on Drinking Alcohol on the Goan Beaches

Following the death of two tourists due to drunk drowning at Morjim Beach on Saturday in an inebriated state. Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant warned that there will be a strict action taken against those drinking alcohol on beaches of Goa. Mind it that drinking in public is already banned in Goa and a violation of the same can carry big penalties clubbed with going behind the bar!

20-Year-Old American Student Who Went Missing from Goa is Found in Panchgani, Family Asks to Respect their Privacy

The Family of the 20-year-old American student who went missing from the Hostel in Anuja has managed to get her whereabouts and they have thanked the netizens and police for working so hard on the FB page while requesting people now to respect the family’s privacy, as they are working to bring Elizabeth back home safe.

20-Year-Old US National Elizabeth Mann is Missing from Hostel in Anjuna Goa

In yet another shocking news a US National Tourist and a Yoga Enthusiast, Elizabeth Mann went missing from a Hostel in Anjuna without any trace. According to IANS Kin of a 20-year-old US national, Elizabeth Mann, who was in Goa on a yoga retreat on Friday claimed, that the youngster has gone missing for the last 24 hours, even as the state police have started a preliminary probe into the incident.

After the Video of Tourists Claiming That They Have Paid for the Photography went Viral on Social Media, Parra Panchayat Decided to Suspend the Tourist Photography Tax

Photography tax for tourists coming to Goa, sounds so weird, isn’t it? But maybe that is not something the village panchayat of Parra was concerned about and they decided to levy the taxes on the tourists who go around clicking the pictures of the places in Parra. But unfortunately for the Parrikars, the video of the same went viral on social media and the village panchayat of Parra was forced to suspend the Tourist Photography Tax.

9 Russians Amongst the 15 Tourists Rescued from Drowning in Goa

Despite of the red flag tourists coming down to Goa from various parts of country and across the world does not take the cognisance of the same and decide to venture into the choppy seawater resulting into the drowning but the vigilant Life Guards posted on the beaches across Goa make all their efforts to save the lives of these tourists. 

Goa’s Image is Spoiled by Lamanis, Claims The Locals

Lamanis means the people who belong to Banjara Samaj and these people come down to Goa from the neighboring states and do various types of tiny businesses. Many of them have even learned to communicate with the Russians in their language and foreigners somehow liked them. This in return affects the businesses of locals, although many locals do not carry out the business similar to the Lamanis, somehow Lamanis has been on the target of locals for quite some time now.       

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