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Top Reasons Why Goa is Famous Among Travellers

Goa offers stunning beaches, vibrant festivals, affordable alcohol, delicious seafood cuisine, lively nightlife, and unique shopping experiences.
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Why Goa is Famous Among Travellers
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Goa offers stunning beaches, vibrant festivals, affordable alcohol, delicious seafood cuisine, lively nightlife, and unique shopping experiences. Visitors can enjoy picturesque sunsets, relax on soft sandy shores, and choose from bustling beaches in North Goa. Festivals like the carnival and Christmas celebrations add to the cultural charm. The state’s minimal taxes make alcohol affordable, with local beverages like feni and port wine worth trying. Goan cuisine features Portuguese influences and a variety of seafood dishes. Casinos and nightlife provide entertainment, while flea markets offer a diverse shopping experience. Goa promises a memorable vacation with its blend of relaxation, culture, flavours, and excitement.

Beautiful Beaches

Goa brings up pictures of sunlight, sand, and waves. It’s what makes Goa so well-known. You will undoubtedly see spectacular sunsets if you visit beaches in the evening. While the sun creates spectacular images in the heavens and the waves slowly splash on the shore, you may relax with a refreshing beverage in your hand and enjoy the sunset for the day.

Goa’s beaches provide soft sand and sun-kissed shores that are perfect for relaxing. Visitors come here for this reason. Every five minutes of the journey will lead you to a new beach with fresh shacks and a new feel from the north to the south.

Choose a beach based on your tastes. Choose a beach in North Goa like Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute, Baga, or Vagator if you want a bustling area with busy beach life and lots of shacks and people.

Festivals and Carnivals

Goa bursts alive in February to celebrate the carnival. A Portuguese-era holiday, it is widely observed throughout the state with much fanfare, with the Catholic community taking the lead. People appear in traditional attire or even the fanciest clothes, and there is wonderful food and alcohol to make it a party, all around the city and villages. Goa, which was governed by the Portuguese until 1961, is dotted with churches.

The sizable Catholic population in the area enthusiastically celebrates Christmas each year. There are organized dances, festively decorated streets, Christmas celebrations, numerous weddings, Christmas singing, and many other things. You should come here in December if you can take the crowds.

Cheap Booze!

Goa has minimal taxes to promote tourism. This usually applies to alcohol. As an illustration, a beer costs around a third less in Goa than it does in Mumbai. This also holds for foreign alcoholic beverages. You may therefore be certain to enhance your brand when you arrive. Additionally, alcohol is available everywhere. from little eateries to the seashore.

Although wine shops typically carry practically all major brands of whiskey, rum, vodka, and other spirits, I highly advise you to sample their locally produced beverage, feni.

Feni is either produced from coconut or cashew nuts. It serves its function incredibly well and possesses a flavor and scent that are unique. Most people drink it as a cocktail. The other beverage consumed locally is port wine, that originally arrived in the 16th century by the Portuguese. 

Goa Cuisine/ Seafood

With numerous beaches, there must be a lot of fish, which means there should be plenty of seafood restaurants. In Goa, A lot was given to Goa by the Portuguese. However, their introduction of Goa to potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, cashew nuts, and most crucially, the traditional Goan bread known as pao, may have been their most significant addition to the state’s cuisine.

These components are still used often in Goan cuisine today. Goa, which is located on the coast, is well-known for its fish, crabs, and prawns. Fish Curry Rice is one of the most well-known dishes here. Fish, including pomfret and kingfish, are cooked with savory spices and coconut to provide it with a spicy, acidic flavor. Other renowned Goan dishes include cereal, sorpotel, pig vindaloo, and chicken xacuti.


On one of Goa’s many cruise ships, you can play games like Rummy, Stud Poker, Black Jack, and Roulette. These opulent ships are outfitted with everything you require to gamble on a good time. What a great way to enjoy the night than on a luxury cruise with a variety of gambling options, music, cuisine, and beverages. 

A few resorts and river casinos to choose from include Deltin Royale, Big Daddy, Casino Pride, Dunes, and several more. There are just three states in the nation that have casinos, including Goa. The majority of these casinos are found in Panjim or nearby.

Silent Parties and Nightlife

What happens in Goa remains in Goa!

Goa is known for having a thriving, energetic nightlife. It is the only state where revelers let their hair down and dance up a storm till the early hours. You can choose from a wide variety of clubs and beach parties, and the music selection includes Trance and EDM. Due to the international popularity of the area’s beaches, trance parties there started in the 1970s with performances by many well-known DJs, including Goa Gill. Even while the trance scene is not as active as it was in the early 2000s, it is still rather large, with parties continuing well into the night on beaches like Anjuna, Vagator, and Palolem into the early hour.

India enjoys making noise. Goa, however, is distinct. A handful of the beaches host headphone parties where guests may party hard without disturbing the serenity of the neighborhood. For instance, Silent Noise is a weekly party that takes place on Palolem. According to how you’re feeling, you may even select an alternate DJ to play at several of these events.

Shopping at Flea markets

Shopping in Goa is very different from shopping elsewhere. Goa is known for its flea markets, in which you can find nearly anything you need, including spices, clothing, jewelry, homemade art, tattoos, as well as beer.

There are several well-known landmarks, including the Arpora Night Market, the Anjuna Market, the Mapusa Friday Market, the Calangute Market, and Mackie’s Night Bazaar. A trip to these marketplaces is essential for this reason as well as the live musical performances. Put that on your list of things to accomplish.

Anjuna is one of the best shopping areas in Goa every Wednesday. Everything from clothing to home furnishings to a variety of Indian seasonings and some musical instruments are available here.

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