In the recent years, many sportswomen have emerged as champions who have made their mark on the records of achievements. To name a few there are P.V Sindhu in Badminton, Saina Nehwal in Tennis, Mithali Raj in Cricket, and many others who have earned accolades in the records of achievements. In a country where patriarchy is dominant, women are subjugated under the societal pressure of fulfilling their role in the society. Born into a family which is into sports, Karen saw herself following in their footsteps. Having worked as a finance professional, Karen as she quoted ‘stumbled’ upon her long-repressed dream of being a long distance runner.
To make factories competitive and enable them to become a bigger part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the State government has introduced a bill to amend the Factories Act 1948 to allow women in Goa to work in factories at night. This enactment which is expected to end discrimination against women in the job market comes with specific safety riders.
Namita Tripathi, an amiable and strong woman entrepreneur of today, is a name you will immediately associate with the White Cloud Laundry service in Goa. She is running this proprietorship across the state all by herself, with meticulousness and diligence. Namita comes across as a confident, courageous and determined woman who is ready to conquer the world. She sets a perfect example of a businesswoman, a daughter, a wife, and a mother combined into one person. With support from her family and friends, she started her venture with a simple idea of quality laundry service 18 years ago and has come a long way since.
Recently there was a full series of difficult dialogues on Gender equality in International Centre, Dona Paula, Goa. It stressed on Empowerment of women and problems faced by them in overcoming the gender inequality. Each year the international women’s day is celebrated with more and more fervor and is soon approaching this year too. But the Problems related to women and their empowerment increase in manifolds.
The world needs no introduction to Varsha Usgaonkar. We all have enjoyed her performances in many hit Bollywood and Marathi movies. She has been part of the film fraternity for almost 28 years contributing to close to 35 films in her entire career span. Varsha did not restrict herself to just Bollywood and Marathi films. She spread her wings wider and worked films in Rajasthani, Bengali, Goan, Chhattisgarhi, and even in English. After a reign of success in both TV and films, she decided to focus on family after getting married. Now with her plans on making a comeback, Varsha opens her heart to us and shares her story.
Sandhya’s venture into business started 10 years back, but before starting up her own supermarket she and her husband were into advertising: they had an advertising agency. She then gave up working for the advertising agency as soon as she had her second child.  Having little to do at home, her interest in baking started.
Gauri Karkal, or Gauri Dempo as most of her close friends know her, comes from a well to do family. Born with a silver spoon, Gauri never took her privilege for granted and always worked hard to achieve whatever she wanted in life. This is what makes her stand apart from the rest. Gauri Karkal’s story is inspiring and will abolish all the prejudices you may have about her. 
Being from the field of journalism Ruchika made her mark in the entertainment industry. In a very short span of time, she became one of the most sought after event comperes of India. In the normal circumstances the journey to the destination is always filled with a lot of challenges but for Ruchika, it is completely different. According to her she never faced the tough time in any of her endeavors and in fact she enjoyed the every moment of it. Ruchika is the perfect example of an empowered woman who believes to live life in style and work with complete self-determination.
Goans across the state are today both mourning and celebrating the life of “Mummy” as she was so fondly named. With a humble personality, she is revered amongst the masses, earning people’s love and respect and with her demise, Goans have lost an important jewel in society. 
Julia Kurian entered into the field of social work at a very early age, working her way up to eventually become the Managing Director of Goa’s only Childcare NGO, El Shaddai. Today, El Shaddai takes care of thousands of children who are either homeless, orphaned or from unprivileged backgrounds.  Julia heads up a huge team of volunteers, teachers, educators and counsellors and she herself heads the School with custom-designed academics for the students. Here I will briefly take you through Julia’s journey, where she faced obstacles but arrived at where she is today as a result of all this experience.