We normally blame the outsiders, especially the Indian tourists coming to Goa considering it an invasion of outsiders in our state. We do not want to comment on how justified that is, but this story will change the entire perspective of Goan people. This story is written by of one of the businessmen Mr. Prashanth Rao Aroor from Maharashtra, who owns the chain of hotels in Mumbai and it his first-hand experience while his stay in Goa. A trip to Goa is a dream come true for the tourists. But sometimes all that glitters is not gold. Many times the local Goans are the main reason to spoil the image of Goa by giving out a bad experience to the tourists. Recently a family from Mumbai who visited Goa had a disturbing experience and they pleaded to the Government of Goa and the Tourism Department to pay attention to a particular issue which might later become a real deal breaker for the state. What was that entire experience all about? Read the experience, right from the horse's mouth.
Based on the information available from the sources, Goa has around six turtle nesting sites where you can spot the famous Olive Ridley Turtles. These sites are spread across four beaches in the south and north Goa and those beaches are known as Turtle Beach. The most famous amongst them is the Galgibaga Beach, situated in Canacona south Goa. The Olive Ridley Turtle is one of the species of small sea turtles with an adult carapace which is approximately 60 to 70 cm in length. The heart-shaped carapace is characterized by four pairs of pore-bearing inframarginal scutes on the bridge, two pairs of prefrontals, and up to 9 lateral scutes per side. Olive ridleys are unique in that they can have variable and asymmetrical lateral scute 6 to 8 counts ranging from five to 9 plates on each side, with six to eight being most commonly observed. Each side of the carapace has 12–14 marginal scutes.
A big chunk of Goans are settled down in the UK and other EU countries with the help of Portuguese passports have a good news. According to the reports, they have will be given a permanent citizenship as the rest of the EU Citizens and they will also eligible to enjoy the same privileges that any Britton. What more anyone could ask for??
The Indian mythology and Indian traditions & culture does not show the traces of the existence of the Christianity in India and hence the same may be applicable to the Goa. History of Goan Catholics recounts the history of the Indian state of Goa from their conversion to Christianity to date. No concrete evidence has been found that Christianity prevailed in Goa before the Portuguese arrived, but it is believed that St. Bartholomew, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, brought and spread the Gospel in Konkan including Goa, just as St. Thomas had done in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in Southern India.
Whether you are planning a trip to Goa or you are already in Goa, do not ever hire the vehicles with white number plates, (private cars/vehicles) If you do so then you will have to pay the fine for no fault of others, because as per the regulations, private car owners are not allowed to rent out their vehicles for commercial purposes. It is punishable under the MV Act. 
The article was first published in Goa Prism and based on that, World’s most expensive and luxurious train is scheduled to run on the Goan tracks from the coming monsoon. This development is a part of the proposed extension of the existing Indian Railway route to the Southern India by the Union Railway Ministry of India.
Goa is known for its beauty and serenity, but not many people know that it is also famous for the most haunted places, which will scare the life out of you. Although there are many places having its own stories, here we have featured only 10 most haunted places, which you may not like to visit while your trip to Goa, and if you still decide to visit, then please read this story before your venture into the adventure…
Although it is not one of India’s poorest states, Goa today is facing many problems. Because of its high unemployment, it is losing many educated adults while, at the same time, importing manual labor from other parts of India. Goans are leaving this state in record numbers to further their education or to work in the Kuwait, England, Canada, and Australia to make money with hopes of returning to Goa with their wealth. Tourism has now become a major industry that is having a significant impact on the economy. The local hotels in northern Goa are giving way to large chain resort hotels and the beach areas are overrun by stalls selling crafts and a variety of touristy items made in other parts of India and hawked by non-Goans, including many Kashmiris.
Here in Goa, it has become more of a routine to end up in the same place over time, of course, Goa’s beauty is impeccable. there are so many places to travel to, and sometimes a place can touch your soul so deeply, that you're all your senses are awakened. Hence, we at Incredible Goa have sorted out a couple of places for you to spend some quality time with your friends, family or just with yourself, to talk and to unwind from a week that has been really hard and stressful. Especially with a large group of friends or family, it is always tough to match up to everyone’s liking. Goa offers you a wide option of chill-out destinations to choose from, and we have sort out places according to the various activities such as feasts, exploring etc.
Monsoon is the time when the domestic tourists make plans to visit Goa. The main reason behind this is, the off-season tariff, that means you can enjoy Goa in half the price of what you would normally pay if you plan to visit during the peak season time. The tourists come to Goa for its Pristine beaches, Fresh Seafood, and the Cheap liquor, but this article is only going to focus on the beaches. As you are aware that Goa is famous for its white sand beaches, but there are some beaches that you should avoid visiting during your vacation. You don’t want to fall sick by throwing yourself into the sea which is not clean right? If you want to know more about the places which you keep away, then you must read this article…