Today's generation is different in so many ways than the youth of yesteryear. Today’s youth think and act out of the box and the new generation of entrepreneurship has popped up all over the country. Viresh Vazirani is one...
Nadia Rebelo, hailing from Goa, sings in styles ranging from pop to jazz. She took a liking for the Portuguese Fado and won a lot of prizes in competitions such as Vem Cantar (Portuguese Song Competition) and the Concurso do Fado (Fado Competition). The drive and passion for music in her young blood drew us to write about her.
Anura Prabhu Desai has already been featured in various local and national media and she hardly requires any introduction. She is a well-known Badminton player in India. This 19-year-old shuttler stands at No. 1 in India in women’s singles and doubles by collecting 2882 points in the singles, and 1804 points in the doubles category. It is a very big achievement for Anura at this tender age. Born and brought up in Ponda, a small town in Goa, Anura's dream is to break into the top 100 rankings in the world. Her determination and hard work will take her towards undoubtedly. After going through her profile I had decided to meet this dynamic and humble young girl to find out about her effort and dreams that she carries with her to the ladder of success.
One of the most common reasons why people use smartphones is to play mobile games. This is because people carry their phones with them everywhere, and if they have to kill time at a doctor’s clinic, airport, in a cab, then they can just take out their phones and start playing their favorite games.
Despite being a small state Goa has a very high level of literacy rate (after Kerala) compared to any other state in India. But it looks like the state is still lagging as far as sex education is concerned. The recent statistics of rising pregnancies amongst the teenagers have revealed that the lack of sex education in the schools has compromised the safety and health of children in the state.
Yes, you have heard it right, now unemployed youth in the state can avail the loan given by the Goa Government for the purpose of buying a Cars, and the entire loan will be a very low subsidies interest rates, but the only condition will be that they will have to join the Goa Miles App and make their living out of it.  
Several cases of young adolescents eloping are reported every day. Yet the minor boy is often discriminated against as the offender and the girl as the victim. However, the President of the Goa Children’s Court points out that this is incorrect. Both should be treated equally.
There have been many cases lately come up in the media about the Portuguese Passport holders entering into the UK with the help of fake documents, but the question is how does that happen and who is at fault, the beneficiary or the people who are running the business of creating fake documents? Here is an article that will give you complete insight into this serious issue.    
Football is a beautiful game which is celebrated across the world. It is also the game where you can earn the most. But only a few pass through. Besides beaches and sands, Goa is highly associated with football. The Goa Football Association which was called as Associação de Futebol de Goa was founded in 1959 during the Portuguese era. Since then we love football like we love our fish with rice. With the foundation of Hero ISL, new doors of opportunity have opened for the aspiring Goan players to make their passion a profession. We have one such champion among us who, at the age of 8 learnt to play football, and at the age of 18 created history by being the first to graduate from Sporting Clube de Goa (SCG) 2 years back. Meet Akeraj Martins, a young boy from Goa who aspires to make his way in the ISL matches and further represent India for the World Cup.
Culinary skills and the art of food making is a profession that involves hard-core passion and in-depth knowledge. Today, chefs around the world are improvising the style of food making combining science with food in their kitchens to present out-of-the-box cuisine that has never been platted before. Ujjwal Tripathi, an aspiring and an experimental Chef in the making, shares his immense passion for cooking fusing new techniques with chemistry as the base. His inclination was always towards the art of cooking and used to follow all cookery shows and read articles by famous chefs around the world.