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Pratik Paliyekar – Taking The Outdoor Advertising to Next Level

Discover how Pratik Paliyekar, MD of Primeslots Events, is revolutionizing outdoor advertising in Goa. Learn about his journey, innovative strategies, and passion for creating
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Pratik Paliyekar
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Pratik Paliyeakar was born and brought up in the capital city of Goa. After finishing his initial studies at the city-based KB Hedgewar High School he went on to do his Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) at Dempo College of Commerce and Economics and later pursued his MBA from MIT Pune. Currently, Pratik is holding the position of MD at Primeslots Events. 

“Currently, I’m the managing director at Primeslots Events Pvt Ltd and Proprietor at Primark Services which is a waste management agency and a passion project of mine,” said Pratik adding that he is also the proprietor at Kop De Goa, the biggest liquor store in Arambol and also a partner at Prime Ride, which is an E-bike rental service. “I am 28 years old and I was born, and raised in Panjim all my life. I did my schooling at KB Hedgewar high school and pursued my Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) at Dempo college of commerce and economics. I further graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from MIT Pune.”

Right from his schooling days, Pratik was sure of getting into the business. “I always knew I wanted to get into business, not just one but in multiple lines of business. I also knew I wanted to curate my businesses in Goa itself. I lived outside Goa for brief periods, but Goa is home and there’s nothing like it,” he said.

“Primeslots is our family business and after working on it for 4 years as a marketing manager, I took over from my father as the Managing director. My father has been my number 1 role model since day 1. Everything, right from seeking inspiration to starting something new and learning how to execute it effectively and efficiently, I have learnt from my father,” he added.

According to Pratik, he owes a lot of his business skills to his father, “My mother has been my rock, my anchor, my support system in my journey. Entrepreneurship can sometimes get lonely and overwhelming, especially when you’re handling multiple businesses, but my mother has always helped me to clear my mind and help me navigate and handle difficult situations. However, I love multi-tasking along with the adventures and challenges that come with it, and this is what keeps me up and running each day.”

Before joining the prime slots Pratik was working with Weddingz dot company which according to him one of India’s Largest Wedding planning companies.

“After enriching my skills there for about a year, I joined Primeslots as a marketing manager to help the team expand their client base in Goa as well as from other parts of India. Today, our inventory is bigger than ever and Primeslots has the most spaces and outdoor media,” he said adding Marketing and advertising have always fascinated him. “It was like a calling that came very naturally to me, and I loved working and experimenting with new forms of media and spaces that can be utilised for outdoor advertising in Goa. Goa is an evergreen tourist destination drawing people from across India and the world, I strongly my homeland and Goa is a fabulous place for brands and institutions to do their outdoor campaigns and make their presence known.”

Whenever Pratik travel to cities beyond Goa, he always takes note of the outdoor advertising styles and patterns done at these places and brings back these Inspirations and ideas and further modifies and improvises them in Goa. “I have learnt a lot of positive elements from such observations which have been great add-ons to my work.”

Outdoor campaigns or advertising as a whole has immense scope in Goa. “There is actually no limit to what we can think of and implement to give brands exceptional visibility with great effectiveness,” he said.

According to Pratik, convincing people to try newer styles of advertising is a challenge because most people cannot think beyond traditional forms of advertising. “But the end product we provide is always most engaging and interactive. These challenges are fun in a way because it keeps your mind sharp, and alert and you think out of the box to get the best results.”

“I aspire to make Goa a Pan India outdoor marketing hub where brands from all over India and abroad would want to have their presence felt in Goa. Goa can most definitely make it as big as cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in terms of the value of outdoor media.”

“My future plans would be to expand in other major cities of Goa like Mapusa, and further south, like Margao. I’m passionate about exploring more spaces and avenues to host and create outdoor advertising Campaigns and as always, finding innovative means of outdoor advertising,” he explained.

According to Pratik, those who aspire to get into this field that it’s a vast ocean and all you need is to have innovative ideas. “There’s enough for everyone, and your creativity will take you places. Developing good people skills, understanding client requirement, being consistent and giving the customer something more than what they ask for is the key to making it far in this field. You will be remarkable and your work will be remembered, referred and preferred.”

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