Anastazia D’Mello- Passion and hard work can take you places

Anastasia D'Mello, the little drummer, as everyone calls her lovingly in Goa, is one of the youngest and most talented drumming artists. She is well known in Goa’s Performing Arts and music fraternity. With a certificate 8 level distinction from the Rock School of Music, this young and charming artist is all set to conquer the music world. She specialises in the western classical genre. A soft-spoken and humble young artist, she shares with us her success story.



Goa Tourism Welcome the ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ Passenger Cruise Vessel at...

The Passenger Cruise Liner ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ was welcomed by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation officials on 6th December 2016 at the Mormugao Port Trust, Goa Harbour at Vasco da Gama. According to the sources in Tourism Department, the Cruise Liner, ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ had started her voyage from Oman to India via UAE and will be going back to Oman Via Muscat. The ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ arrived in Goa from Cochin Port, said the sources.


How 20,000 Goans managed to enter the UK with the help of Portuguese passport?

According to the information available from the reliable sources, around 20 thousand Goans managed to enter into various European Union (EU) countries with the help of Portuguese passport legally. No illegal business as the holders of Portuguese passports was authorized by the UK to travel and settle in any of the European countries without the need of a visa. Portuguese left Goa by converting hundreds of thousands of Goans automatically into the citizen of Portugal with the help of their birth registration in Lisbon and having the “Bill of Identity” even though they never set their foot there and this included the children and grandchildren of the Goans born before 1961 in Goa.

Goa Traffic Police Has Fined Half the population of the state in 2018, claims...

It is not at all shocking to know that the Traffic Police has fined half of the population of Goa during the last year because they way they implement the traffic regulations deploying in all the cops in all nooks and corners across the state roads it is meant to be that way.

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Portuguese Civil Code And The Effects of...

The Old Portuguese Civil Code or the Law of Succession which was in amended in 1867 and came into force on August 1, 1870, and amended there on time to time i.e. 1939, 1941, 1952 and 1962 and the same is in force till date. The new bill ‘Goa Succession, Special Notaries and Inventory Proceeding Bill 2012’ was tabled in 2012 and passed on August 5, 2016, in the Legislative Assembly of Goa. The law experts from south Goa feels that the new bill will affect the Goans holding Portuguese Passport and living on the foreign lands. You can read the complete report here.


Portuguese Passport Scam – Companies Deceiving The Distant Dream Aspirants

As the per constitution of India the dual citizenship is now allowed, but despite of that many of the Goans are running after the Portuguese passport, in the hope of acquiring a brighter future out of their comfortable homes. Unfortunately, not all achieve success in their endeavors. The indefinite numbers of Goans that have moved to the UK are immense, these Goans after gaining Portuguese citizenship mainly settle down in London, Swindon and Leicester, not only do they leave to the UK but also leave for gaining employment in the UAE.





Traffic Sentinel Scheme Backfires, Goans Take Law in Their own Hands

One of the most talked about things in the state currently is the Traffic Sentinel and none of the Goan is happy with it. Most of the people want a revocation of the Sentinel Scheme as it is creating a serious financial obligation which no one wants to take. The traffic sentinel scheme started by the Goa Traffic Police seems to be going out of the hands as people of Goa are now taking law into their own hands to show their protest against the scheme.

Natasha Palha – ‘Serving’ the Best Shot on the ‘Court’

There are just a handful of sportspersons in Goa who have made a name at the national and international level in sports. Natasha Palha is one of them and her name echoes in the Indian Tennis arena. She is reaching heights of success at a young age, and her dedication and passion are to watch out for. Being focused and determined to reach the 300 WTA ranking, she is currently training in one of India’s leading institutes in Pune. Natasha has made a name not only for herself but also for the state of Goa. At 580 in the WTA ranking (as of April 14, 2017), she is the sixth best among the Indian women’s singles players. Natasha is called Goa’s Serena Williams in the making and has won the Doubles titles in Cairo and Gwalior last year.


Leanne Alcasoas is pursuing her career in the field of Architecture at Bangalore. After completing her graduation in Architecture from the College of Architecture in Goa, Leanne decided to shift her base to Bangalore in search of the better prospects. But she is completely attached to Goa and she keeps coming back home as and when she gets time from her busy schedule to be with her family and savour her favourite fish curry rice. Although Leanne is an Architect by profession she has the passion for the modeling and she had bagged the Title of Ms. India International 2016 held at Titos Goa. I met Leanne to find out more about her passion and her profession.