Anastazia D’Mello- Passion and hard work can take you places

Anastasia D'Mello, the little drummer, as everyone calls her lovingly in Goa, is one of the youngest and most talented drumming artists. She is well known in Goa’s Performing Arts and music fraternity. With a certificate 8 level distinction from the Rock School of Music, this young and charming artist is all set to conquer the music world. She specialises in the western classical genre. A soft-spoken and humble young artist, she shares with us her success story.



No More Destination Weddings Near Sand Dunes in Goa, The Steps...

Goa is famous for the destination weddings and its quantum is quite high in the state. According to the sources, Goa gets around 800 high-end weddings per year which naturally generates the huge amount of revenue to the state. But now according to the new developments, the destination beach weddings will be restricted on the Goan beaches and it will not be allowed in the eco-sensitive zones anymore. This may result in many businesses getting affected due to the government decision but saving the beaches of Goa has become the priority of the state government now.



Earlier, If you wanted to make the passport, it was not less challenging than getting the US green card, but now the things are changing in India. With the new government in place, India is witnessing a lot of developments and have made the procedure of passport making more simplified. In fact, previously, making your passport was nearly impossible without wasting a big chunk of your most valuable time and paying hefty fees to the touts and the officers connected to the passport office. Getting a simple appointment with the passport officer was more difficult than meeting the CM. But with the time Indian Passport law was made more user-friendly for the applicants but the passport still remained distant dreams to many who were not having certain documents in the place. But now the External affairs Minister Ms. Sushma Swaraj has done something that will change your entire perspective about the making passport in India.

Liberation gave Goa the wings to fly high, but it did not give the...

Just like it always happens, following the liberation, local political parties take over the power in their own hands, and then they try to put things together with their own judgement. When Goa was liberated by the Indian Army from the clutches of Portuguese rule, the regional party took over the reign of the state and devised the course of action as for how to take the state forward. But in the last 57 years, all the political parties have done only one thing to Goa, and that is destruction.


According to the sources, Department of Tourism will initiate the new WhatsApp number (Not Announced Yet) which will help the authorities to take action against the garbage menace created on the Goa’s beaches. “As a stop-gap arrangement until concrete measures are put in place to ensure cleanliness and hygiene on the beaches of Goa, a new whatsapp initiative is being set up by the existing contractor and will be monitored round-the- clock by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Goa,” said the sources.


The regulations in Room tariffs and Food prices will kill the...

Saying that Tourism Minister Babu Azgaonkar does not understand the tourism industry, the tourism stakeholders have shown their discontent over the statement of Babu and his intention to bring the legislation to cap hotel tariffs and prices of food served in hotels. The hospitality industry in Goa that already facing the brunt of the dip in sales of rooms in the main season time, does not have any place for such action from tourism minister.





Akeraj Martins – Soar High, Aim Higher

Football is a beautiful game which is celebrated across the world. It is also the game where you can earn the most. But only a few pass through. Besides beaches and sands, Goa is highly associated with football. The Goa Football Association which was called as Associação de Futebol de Goa was founded in 1959 during the Portuguese era. Since then we love football like we love our fish with rice. With the foundation of Hero ISL, new doors of opportunity have opened for the aspiring Goan players to make their passion a profession. We have one such champion among us who, at the age of 8 learnt to play football, and at the age of 18 created history by being the first to graduate from Sporting Clube de Goa (SCG) 2 years back. Meet Akeraj Martins, a young boy from Goa who aspires to make his way in the ISL matches and further represent India for the World Cup.

Natasha Palha – ‘Serving’ the Best Shot on the ‘Court’

There are just a handful of sportspersons in Goa who have made a name at the national and international level in sports. Natasha Palha is one of them and her name echoes in the Indian Tennis arena. She is reaching heights of success at a young age, and her dedication and passion are to watch out for. Being focused and determined to reach the 300 WTA ranking, she is currently training in one of India’s leading institutes in Pune. Natasha has made a name not only for herself but also for the state of Goa. At 580 in the WTA ranking (as of April 14, 2017), she is the sixth best among the Indian women’s singles players. Natasha is called Goa’s Serena Williams in the making and has won the Doubles titles in Cairo and Gwalior last year.

Top Five Bikini Beaches In Goa That Many of you May...

Goa is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, and it is also one of the tiniest states of India, which has an influence of western culture due to the 450 long Portuguese reign. Wearing the Bikinis (Beachwear) does not amount to any restrictions in Goa, and it is also one of the top Bikini Beach Destinations In India. The reason behind this is, unlike the other beaches in India, Goa give the complete freedom to the tourists to wear Bikinis, which is an ideal beachwear, and that too without heads turning at you. Although the bikinis are majorly used by the foreigners, things have started changing, and now even the Indians feels free to wear Bikinis on the Goan beaches.