Chaitanya Malik the young engineer turned farmer of Goa

This is the story of 22-year-old Chaitanya Malik who is an engineering graduate from Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi. Hailing from Pernem village in North Goa, this young lad always had an inclination towards the agricultural activities right from the inception. According to him his father is an associate professor at PES College in Farmagudi and who also actively involved in the agricultural activities and that led to growing his interest in the farming and after completion of graduation in computer engineering, instead of perusing the job technical field he decided to take up the farming as his career option.



Now People with wheelchairs, and other mobility problems will be able...

Taxi service has always been an issue for the tourists coming to Goa due to various reasons, may it be the issue of overcharging or harassments, but with the time, things have started changing, and the first step towards that was the introduction of the first APP based taxi service of Goa by GTDC called “Goa Miles.” Now Goa Miles have gone one more step ahead by getting associated with of Ezy Mov to provide sustainable tourism in Goa. 


Can Indian Tourists alone be blamed for all the troubles in Goa?

It is a very important question that we all Goans need to ask ourselves. Although there is no doubt that a lot of trouble do caused by the domestic tourists compared the foreigners coming to Goa but, then domestic tourists also have their own categories and some of them are from very well to do background and they hardly cause any nuisance in the state compared to some of the cheap budget tourists visiting Goa. Hence blaming all the Indian tourists becomes very unfair, do you agree? 

Amphibian Bus Service – The Ambitious Project of Goa Tourism Development Corporation that Never...

GTDC, also known as Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the autonomous body of the Department of Tourism to handle Marketing and promotion of tourism-related activities in Goa came up with many ambitious projects but, most of them either did not take off or remained dormant due to the lack of foresight and planning. Amphibian Bus Service or Duck Boat project that was launched by the GTDC in the year 2016, unfortunately, is one of them and the bus is standing under the GTDC office at Patto.

A 33-Year-Old Youth Dies Due to lack of medical facilities at the Health Centre...

This may not be the first case wherein the victim had to lose his life due to the lack of medical facilities and doctors in the Public Health Centre in Goa. Most of the health centres situated in the rural and semi-urban areas do not have the basic medical facilities or the doctors to handle the serious cases and by the time patient reaches to the GMC or District Hospitals most of the times succumb to the injuries.


5 Myths about Goa Tourists Believe That Exist

Goa is not just your dream vacation but it is a fantasy that everyone wants to bring into reality. Many dreams of going to Goa at least once in their lifetime and some even want to acquire property here to spend their retirement in this heaven. But regardless of what knowledge you have about Goa and Goans, there are many myths that most of the tourists believe are a reality.





While the Senior Citizens Bear the Brunt of Taxi Strike in...

Goans by nature are very helpful of course except for some exceptions. The strike called out by the Goa Taxi Operators have led to disrupting the entire tourism industry in Goa. with thousands of people traveling to Goa to take advantage of the Monsoon tourism packages offered by the various hotels in Goa, the strike of Taxi has spoiled all their plans. The major setback comes to the elderly people whose we address as Senior Citizens, but to save them from all the troublesome Good samaritans from across the state have formed a WhatsApp and Facebook group called Go Goa.

Employment Policy will Focus on Job Reservation to Goans

There is a lot of hues and cry about the Goans not getting the jobs on the social media platform, many NGOs and social media groups are raising the voice on Goans not getting the employment in the Government and other sectors in Goa while outsiders are easily getting employed to combat that the Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday announced that in 6 months time, a Labour and Employment Policy would be drafted in the State, with a focus on reserving a certain percentage of jobs for Goans, in the private sector, along with ensuring job security.

Tourist Makes Video and Post Online After Local Taxi Drivers Forced...

It is very sad but true, the out of control behaviour of the Goa’s local taxi operators have crossed all the boundaries of the business ethics and now they seem to be ready to reach at any level to stop the App-based taxi service in Goa, and to that they have now started threatening the GoaMiles Taxi drivers in the presence of their passengers.