Talasha Prabhu, The success story of the young mermaid of Goa

Parents always try to make sure that their children achieve great heights in their life and in pursuit of that they start finding out the best possible avenue for them. Many of us try to project our own unfulfilled desires and ambitions into our children and forced them to do something they never liked to. But there are few who try to find out the hidden talent in their children and try to nurture them till it flourishes. This is the story of one such young girl of Goa who became the star swimmer of India on the international level and the credit of it goes to her parents.



Goa Gearing up for Carnival 2017 – The Parade May Take...

The Department of Tourism is gearing up for Goa Carnival 2017 which is scheduled to be held in the state between February 25 to 28 with a major focus on the Traditional and Cultural Aspects of Goa, revealed the sources in the department. Another Major development that will be witnessed in this Carnival is the change of ‘Carnival Parade Route’ from Panaji to New Miramar - Dona Paula highway.



The implementation of the meters on tourist taxis is been pending for a long time now. The issue of meter always remains the subject of controversy in the state since the Tourist Taxi Operators have always remained against the installation of the digital meters on their cabs. The tourism stakeholder feels that the absence of the digital meter on tourist taxi results into fleecing of the tourists which create the negative impact on Goa’s tourism industry. To avoid any further damage to the tourism industry of Goa, the stakeholders of industry TTAG and GCCI had filed a plea in the high court last month.

The Transporter’s strike in Goa, was it Good, Bad or Ugly?

The nationwide transporter’s “BANDH” (strike) on 2nd September 2015, was initiated by the trade unions of India while the states which have BJP ruling government had decided to stay away from it. Bandh had received the mixed response in Goa, as a government made sure that the offices and the state-run buses would ply on their routes in Goa. According to the news published by the local dailies in Goa “The State government invoked the Goa Essential Services Management Act (ESMA), 1988 prohibiting a strike in all transport services, Kadamba Transport Corporation Employees reiterated that they would join the September 2 nationwide transport strike”. Though the unions supporting the strike had claimed that the strike was successful, but the government had denied those tall claims.

Goans will be given First Preference in Beach Cleaning Jobs Instead of Ghatis

The word ghati is considered to be a derogatory remark against the outsiders coming into Goa. It is a common word and you can hear it from every next person who is a resident of Goa. Goa’s Tourism minister used this word for the beach cleaning workers from outside Goa but he made clear the meaning of Ghati in front of the media and according to him the word ghati is not a bad word, and it refers to the people who reside in the Ghats (Mountains). 


Loneliness is the biggest problem faced by Goan women whose husbands...

You don’t get everything in life and many a time you have to sacrifice a lot of things in order to enjoy a better quality of life. Something similar seems to have happened with the Goan Women whose husbands have travelled abroad in search of better prospects. Loneliness and insecurity became a part of their life back here in Goa.





While the Senior Citizens Bear the Brunt of Taxi Strike in...

Goans by nature are very helpful of course except for some exceptions. The strike called out by the Goa Taxi Operators have led to disrupting the entire tourism industry in Goa. with thousands of people traveling to Goa to take advantage of the Monsoon tourism packages offered by the various hotels in Goa, the strike of Taxi has spoiled all their plans. The major setback comes to the elderly people whose we address as Senior Citizens, but to save them from all the troublesome Good samaritans from across the state have formed a WhatsApp and Facebook group called Go Goa.

Employment Policy will Focus on Job Reservation to Goans

There is a lot of hues and cry about the Goans not getting the jobs on the social media platform, many NGOs and social media groups are raising the voice on Goans not getting the employment in the Government and other sectors in Goa while outsiders are easily getting employed to combat that the Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday announced that in 6 months time, a Labour and Employment Policy would be drafted in the State, with a focus on reserving a certain percentage of jobs for Goans, in the private sector, along with ensuring job security.

Tourist Makes Video and Post Online After Local Taxi Drivers Forced...

It is very sad but true, the out of control behaviour of the Goa’s local taxi operators have crossed all the boundaries of the business ethics and now they seem to be ready to reach at any level to stop the App-based taxi service in Goa, and to that they have now started threatening the GoaMiles Taxi drivers in the presence of their passengers.