Nigel Quadros – The Goan Tech Prodigy

Nigel is one of those Young Turks who does not believe in wasting time doing things that average guys would do, instead, he would get on to his laptop and start writing the codes. Nigel has access to technology right from his childhood. When most of his friends would spend time with playing in the mud he would spend his time playing with the gadgets. This experience of the Nigel did not go waste and today he built a company out of the scratch which according to him helps millions of people across the world. Nigel is surely one of the tech prodigy of Goa.



Goa Tourism to celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September 2016

Goa Tourism is all set to celebrate World Tourism Day, tomorrow on 27 September to foster awareness among the community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values. Each year has a different theme and this year the theme is Tourism for All, Promoting Universal Accessibility. This year’s World Tourism Day, help us to spread the benefits universal accessibility has and can bring to society at large.



The voters from south Goa having the Christian majority are more upset on Vijai Sardesai and the same can be seen on the social media. “It is a shame that the man who swore by Goem, Goemkar, and Goemkarponn has backstabbed the people. The man who accused the party of the U-turns is now aligning with the very same party. We should be ashamed of this. Let us pray to God so that these people at least understand what shame is,” remarked a priest in one of the Churches in minority Salcete during the early morning mass on.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Goa Inquisition From the Colonial Era 

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese rulers for almost half a millennium, the deep impact of which is evident on the customs and culture of this tiny state. Goa was the hub of Roman Catholics between the 16th to 19th century to stop and punish heresy against Christianity in South Asia. The Colonial Era was a time when the Portuguese Government ruled along with the Jesuit clergy. Their main task was to persecute Hindus. In the era known as Goa Inquisition, several hundreds of thousands of Hindus were converted to Catholicism but suspected by Jesuit clergy of practising their previous religion in secret were punished. This article will take you through the details of the Inquisition of Goa in the Colonial Era. 

Non Goans will not be able to buy the Properties coming under CRZ in...

If you observe carefully, most of the big star hotels are situated in the CRZ zones and 90 per cent of them belongs to the non-Goans. The investment from the outside of Goa have resulted into the commercialisation of properties in the state, and if the investment stops, the progress will stop and at the moment Tourism is the only industry that is laying the golden eggs.     


My journey into the land of the Portuguese Era – Goa

Goa is a land of magic, its mesmerizing beauty captivates the senses of people who visit this place. According to the author of this article, who visited Goa for the first time, Goa captures to all the five senses, you can really see, hear, smell, taste, and feel it. That is something beyond the imagination of the common man, but the author’s perception of Goa is completely based on her journey to the land of the Portuguese Era.   





Model Code of Conduct, What is it and How it affects...

The word Code of Conduct comes into the use only during the time of the election, and in very simple words, it means a restriction on various things related to the government and lawmakers during the time of elections. But the question is why this code of conduct comes into the force and how it affects the common man.

Pakistani Citizen Found Holding Mining Lease in Goa

Goa’s relation with Pakistan is not new as there are several hundreds of properties that belong to Goan Pakistani citizens who had migrated to Pakistan from Goa. More than 30 thousand Goans had migrated to Pakistan in 1964 and settled down in Karachi leaving their hundreds of crores worth of property behind in Goa.

Tarak Arolkar – The Road to Make Mapusa a Model Town...

Most of you might not have heard his name because he believes in working silently and serving the needy and deprived. Coming from a very poor family, Tarak Arolkar has scaled the heights of success with his sheer determination and hard work and he understands the pain of being poor and destitute. This man has a dream - a dream to make Mapusa a Model Town in Goa as he intends to contest the election from Mapusa Constituency in the forthcoming by polls.