Talasha Prabhu, The success story of the young mermaid of Goa

Parents always try to make sure that their children achieve great heights in their life and in pursuit of that they start finding out the best possible avenue for them. Many of us try to project our own unfulfilled desires and ambitions into our children and forced them to do something they never liked to. But there are few who try to find out the hidden talent in their children and try to nurture them till it flourishes. This is the story of one such young girl of Goa who became the star swimmer of India on the international level and the credit of it goes to her parents.



What Foreigner Tourists Love about Goa, and why??

Goa, the pearl of the east, frequented by the foreigners on a regular basis. In fact, the foreigners are the major source of income for the stakeholders of the tourism industry of Goa, and hence what they like and the things they don’t like must matter to us. Here in this article, we have featured what foreigners think about Goa, and why they keep visiting this tiny beautiful state…    


Massive Dip in Tourists this season due to inflated food and stay costs makes...

Goa is considered to be an expensive place compared to the other states due to its high capita income and availability of manpower. The manpower is the major hurdle many businesses face in Goa and tourism sector does not remain unaffected with that. Normally the assessment of the business activity takes place when there is a major dip in the business and something similar seems to have happened in the case of Goa.

The Second Endoscopy on CM Parrikar Failed? The Doctors Claim to be happy with...

There are several speculations about the health of CM Parrikar in the media, and everyone is writing depending on their sources, but one thing is sure that all is not well and the claims have not been made without the support of evidence. The Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Manohar Parrikar was admitted into the GMC (Goa Medical College) following some complications and was kept under observation. The sources have said that all the speculations have started due to the concealed information.   

Goa’s Marine Life Suffer Due to Piling Garbage on The Beaches

Goa’s pristine beaches have fallen prey to indiscriminate dumping of garbage on its shores, especially plastic items, and coconut shells.  With the onset of the monsoon and the rising tides, this garbage consumed into the seas becomes a threat to marine life.  Who is responsible for this mess and clean up?


Goa Tourism Bags another prestigious Award, This time its Asia-Pacific Sabre...

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has won yet another prestigious Award for its Online Social Media Campaign called “Tourism by Tourists”. The Asia-Pacific Sabre Award is presented to Goa Tourism for its successful Global Social Media Networking which attracted close to 5000 entries globally.





Model Code of Conduct, What is it and How it affects...

The word Code of Conduct comes into the use only during the time of the election, and in very simple words, it means a restriction on various things related to the government and lawmakers during the time of elections. But the question is why this code of conduct comes into the force and how it affects the common man.

GIRL POWER!!! Makes All the Difference in the Society

Women empowerment is a powerful topic these days. Feminism, gender equality and blurring the lines of gender roles have been the main focus of this decade-long drive. Women are doing more today than they ever have previously, doing the same things that only men used to do and are making progress in every way. Women now bring more than their feminism: they are strong, independent, ambitious and nurturing. They are the equal halves of men and are proudly making a mark in the world. 

Pakistani Citizen Found Holding Mining Lease in Goa

Goa’s relation with Pakistan is not new as there are several hundreds of properties that belong to Goan Pakistani citizens who had migrated to Pakistan from Goa. More than 30 thousand Goans had migrated to Pakistan in 1964 and settled down in Karachi leaving their hundreds of crores worth of property behind in Goa.