How the Portuguese Passport Holders Enter into the UK for Jobs...

There have been many cases lately come up in the media about the Portuguese Passport holders entering into the UK with the help of fake documents, but the question is how does that happen and who is at fault, the beneficiary or the people who are running the business of creating fake documents? Here is an article that will give you complete insight into this serious issue.    



Goa Police Lacks the Equipment and Staff to Tackle Cyber Crime...

Cybercrime is the modern form of criminal activity in which the hackers or cyber criminals indulge in criminal activities such as stealing money, committing fraud and cheating innocent with the help of cyber technology. Just like any other form of crime, there are cyber crime cells in the police departments to take care of these cybercriminals. Our Goa does have one such cyber crime cell, but unfortunately, it lacks the required equipment and manpower to solve the cases.


Goa Government not in Favour of Removal of Casinos from Mandovi

As the casino imbroglio continues, BJP now backtracks on their promises about the removal of the off-shore casinos.  State Minister now says that closing down casinos is not practical as it will affect livelihoods of many. In his election manifesto, Panjim MLA Babush Monserrate had promised to move these casinos within 100 days. But it now it seem like these casinos are here to stay, election promises notwithstanding

Pramod Sawant to be the next CM of Goa??

The state of Goa is mourning due to the demise of Manohar Parrikar did not stop political gurus to take a halt for some time, in fact, while the mortal remains of Parrikar were taken to the Kala Academy, the politicians started lining up at Goa’s five star property, to sum up the new political equations.

It is High time for Goans Settled in the UK to apply for the...

There are several thousand Goans who have migrated on the Portuguese passport and entered into the European countries without even stepping into Portugal who now has to apply for the status application to remain to be a part of the UK. The application process which will in the month of March 2019 go on upto December 2020. 


Now the Foreigners overstaying in Goa will be lodged into the...

Now the overstaying of foreign nationals won't be taken lightly by the Goa government, said the sources. Foreigners who come to Goa on Tourist or work visas normally tend to stay longer than their allowed duration which is illegal and to avoid this malpractice the government of Goa has opened a detention centre in Mapusa, Goa.





Renowned Chef Floyd Cardoz, Co-Owner of Bombay Canteen with Goan Roots...

In one of the shocking incidents, a well-known celebrity Chef Floyd Cardoz died of Coronavirus on 25th March 2020 in New Jersey. He was...

Tourist Makes Video and Post Online After Local Taxi Drivers Forced...

It is very sad but true, the out of control behaviour of the Goa’s local taxi operators have crossed all the boundaries of the business ethics and now they seem to be ready to reach at any level to stop the App-based taxi service in Goa, and to that they have now started threatening the GoaMiles Taxi drivers in the presence of their passengers.

Life of Expats in the Gulf is not so Rosy Anymore

Recounts of Indian expats including Goans residing in the UAE and Middle East countries paints the picture that is far from rosy and flourishing as we are often led to believe. The Arabian dream for many has become a nightmare particularly after the 2014 meltdown in Gulf countries. Many Goans are on their way back from UAE and other Middle East countries in a search of a better life.