Talasha Prabhu, The success story of the young mermaid of Goa

Parents always try to make sure that their children achieve great heights in their life and in pursuit of that they start finding out the best possible avenue for them. Many of us try to project our own unfulfilled desires and ambitions into our children and forced them to do something they never liked to. But there are few who try to find out the hidden talent in their children and try to nurture them till it flourishes. This is the story of one such young girl of Goa who became the star swimmer of India on the international level and the credit of it goes to her parents.



Foreigners Turning into Yoga Gurus Resulting in Mushrooming of Yoga Centres...

The term of Guru, which means the teacher has originated in India. With the civilization, that is as old as 5000 years makes India one of the oldest civilization in the world. India is also considered to be an origin of Yoga which was practiced by the sages in India. But as the power of Yoga spread across the world, many foreigners realized the value of it and now the foreigners practice Yoga and also teaches the same to Indians.



According to the sources, the major stakeholders of the Goa’s tourism industry were unhappy with the functioning of the earlier tourism ministry which they said has failed to deliver on many counts. but now with the change in government (the coalition government), Tourism stakeholders of Goa including the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) and The Department of Tourism are expecting the brighter future for the industry with the new government in place in Goa. Many of GTDC's big ticket projects such as amphibious bus services, sea planes, and helicopter services are on hold due to various reasons. Also, the multi-level car park facility has not become functional yet.

Action will be initiated against the Owners Sub-Letting the Shacks allotted to them, Says...

Subletting of Shacks is not the new story and every year hundreds of shacks have been sublet by the owners to the outsiders who in turn then operates the same in the name of original owners. This practice is going on since ages but no action has been initiated in the past and this time it looks like the Tourism Minister has taken cognizance and warned the owners to refrain from such malpractices.      

Beautiful ‘Netravali’ Village in Goa is Crying for the Basic Facilities

Goa is not only about the beaches and night clubs but it also consists of hinterlands and villages like Netravali. Situated in the far from the capital city, in the north Goa, Netravali is rich with the natural resources and nature in abundance, but despite that Goa Tourism department did not promote this place properly and Goa Government has neglected it by and far. Now the situation is such that this village lacks even the basic facilities. Here is the report.   


Why is Drinking in Public Banned in Goa?

If you are coming to Goa, be sure not to drink in public places as it’s completely banned across the state and punishable with a fine, a jail term or both. Further, if you get caught drinking in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll have to shell out big money and may also need a lawyer to bail you out. Now the question is why has drinking in public been banned? Is it a right or wrong rule to have been implemented? 





While the Senior Citizens Bear the Brunt of Taxi Strike in...

Goans by nature are very helpful of course except for some exceptions. The strike called out by the Goa Taxi Operators have led to disrupting the entire tourism industry in Goa. with thousands of people traveling to Goa to take advantage of the Monsoon tourism packages offered by the various hotels in Goa, the strike of Taxi has spoiled all their plans. The major setback comes to the elderly people whose we address as Senior Citizens, but to save them from all the troublesome Good samaritans from across the state have formed a WhatsApp and Facebook group called Go Goa.

Employment Policy will Focus on Job Reservation to Goans

There is a lot of hues and cry about the Goans not getting the jobs on the social media platform, many NGOs and social media groups are raising the voice on Goans not getting the employment in the Government and other sectors in Goa while outsiders are easily getting employed to combat that the Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday announced that in 6 months time, a Labour and Employment Policy would be drafted in the State, with a focus on reserving a certain percentage of jobs for Goans, in the private sector, along with ensuring job security.

Life of Expats in the Gulf is not so Rosy Anymore

Recounts of Indian expats including Goans residing in the UAE and Middle East countries paints the picture that is far from rosy and flourishing as we are often led to believe. The Arabian dream for many has become a nightmare particularly after the 2014 meltdown in Gulf countries. Many Goans are on their way back from UAE and other Middle East countries in a search of a better life.