Ankit Salgaonkar, the youngest RTI Activist of Goa

Ankit Salgaonkar, the 24-year-old lad from Chapora village in Goa, is apparently the youngest RTI activist of Goa. He runs a small General Store in Anjuna. His first confrontation with the corruption started way back in last year when he visited the RTO office in Mapusa in regards to the transfer of his vehicle and that experience apparently changed his whole life.



Ghumot conferred with the status of heritage instrument of Goa

Goa is a small state that lays in the west of the Konkan coast. Although the state is the smallest in the country, it still breathes a life of its own. The vibrant culture, cuisines, and heritage of this state are something that draws the attention of the world. From the Portuguese dominance to the hippie movement- from the laid-back Goan vibes to what is now a fast developing state- Goa has come a long way to make its mark.


Foreigners Turning into Yoga Gurus Resulting in Mushrooming of Yoga Centres Across the Coastal...

The term of Guru, which means the teacher has originated in India. With the civilization, that is as old as 5000 years makes India one of the oldest civilization in the world. India is also considered to be an origin of Yoga which was practiced by the sages in India. But as the power of Yoga spread across the world, many foreigners realized the value of it and now the foreigners practice Yoga and also teaches the same to Indians.

How Portuguese Passport Making Gangs operating from Lisbon and London Managed to Get 3000...

Shocking but true, not only in India but the places like Lisbon and London also have the professionally managed gangs who make the Portuguese Passport with the help of fake documents and fulfils the dreams of thousands of Portuguese Passports aspirants from all India. These gangs managed to get more than 3000 Indians to UK and Lisbon with the help of passports made using fake documents. 

What The Indian Tourists Talks About Their Experience in Goa

Tourist is not only guests but also someone who brings the revenue to Goa. They need to be treated with respect, but that is not practiced regularly. There are several incidents of tourists getting fleeced and this article is based on the feedback tourists gave. It throws light on how they feel about Goa and Goans.


Will The Former Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar Defy BJP If not...

The ruling party BJP seems to have completely become cornered over the selection of candidates for the forthcoming polls that is about to take place in a couple of months. There is huge discontent amongst the BJP Karyakartas (Party Workers) due to the entry of defected Congress MLAs and they do not want the party ditching their loyal colonels for the defectors.





Model Code of Conduct, What is it and How it affects...

The word Code of Conduct comes into the use only during the time of the election, and in very simple words, it means a restriction on various things related to the government and lawmakers during the time of elections. But the question is why this code of conduct comes into the force and how it affects the common man.

Tarak Arolkar – The Road to Make Mapusa a Model Town...

Most of you might not have heard his name because he believes in working silently and serving the needy and deprived. Coming from a very poor family, Tarak Arolkar has scaled the heights of success with his sheer determination and hard work and he understands the pain of being poor and destitute. This man has a dream - a dream to make Mapusa a Model Town in Goa as he intends to contest the election from Mapusa Constituency in the forthcoming by polls.    

Traffic Sentinel Scheme Backfires, Goans Take Law in Their own Hands

One of the most talked about things in the state currently is the Traffic Sentinel and none of the Goan is happy with it. Most of the people want a revocation of the Sentinel Scheme as it is creating a serious financial obligation which no one wants to take. The traffic sentinel scheme started by the Goa Traffic Police seems to be going out of the hands as people of Goa are now taking law into their own hands to show their protest against the scheme.