With appropriate nurture, we can ensure born talent reaches its full potential. Being born a prodigy doesn’t make you an automatic superstar. It’s the effort you put in that will get you that status and here we meet a young singing sensation of Goa, Akshada Bandekar. She is one of those special people, who have been gifted with the most melodious voice. At the tender age of 3, when most kids can hardly speak in full sentences, Akshada was singing on the stage. We discover here how it was that she had instilled in her so much confidence.
Sigmund de Souza is a quiver full of arrows. He is adept at so many things you tend to wonder how many talents could be crammed into just one person! Having always pursued his interests, he is now at a crossroads of which particular one to immerse himself in completely. Join us as we sift through his many arrows.
John D’Silva: Goa’s prodigal son has returned and has created a special place in the heart of Tiatr fans across the state. He has dedicated his life to Tiatr and acting. Let’s read about him, his acting with ‘perfect timings’ and talent.
‘A Tiatrist with the Golden Voice’ does not need a formal introduction because every nook and corner of Goa knows him for his melodious voice and his contemporary works in the Tiatr Industry. The most down to earth person modestly brushes off the praise. Menino Mario, a simpleton yet a renowned Tiatrist from Colva was born and raised in a Tiatr family. Being a kid Mario would often listen to his father singing and would sing whatever song he sang. At a tender age, he started acting in Tiatrs gaining popularity and fame along the way.
From making music videos and short films, Milroy went on to direct short and feature-length films. His forays into various types of films taught him what and how best to put something on film. When a Goan lad’s film lands at the Oscars’ jury table, it is definitely something to be proud of. We shall let you experience some of that pride too, in the following paragraphs.
Goa has produced many talented individuals over the years and many have made their way into the film and entertainment industry. Despite being one of the smallest states in India, it has many precious pearls in the ocean. Harsha Khandeparkar is one such talent who left to work in Mumbai’s tinsel town at a time when not many Goans had the courage to do so. She was young then and now, she works for most of the famous TV channels. 
There are many stories which teach you not to get discouraged and believe in yourself and the story of Merlyn is no different. Called a black sheep in her school and college days, she came out to be a winner and proved those people wrong. The journey of Merlyn began right from the time she started college. She took part in college events and went on to win the title of Miss Summer Tulip India Pageant in 2014. Today she is a very well-known name in Goa with a few Konkani movies to her credit besides acting in few video albums. How did she reach so far? Let’s hear from Miss Merlyn.  
From caves to paper, men have tried drawing and painting on all possible blank spaces found in the world. Did you ever come across a city or a corner in the world that does not have a painting, graphics or graffiti? Absolutely not! We may have done away with the old practices but drawing is an art form which sometimes even words fail to explain. It is the message and devotion of the painters through their eyes. Painting and drawing is an ancient form of communication used by men since the beginning of civilization. From the primitive-ancient to medieval and modern ages, drawing has taken different forms and branched out with different names. With the help of technology in the modern ages, drawing and painting have been made easier to do as well as learn with just the click of a button. In this context of art and history, I would like to introduce to my readers one such artist, who loves to sketch the history and the present state of Goa on canvas.
A small town village boy coming from a village called Huliye in Canacona, Tapan Acharya’s story is different from the usual children. While most other parents encouraged their children to become doctors or engineers, Tapan’s father was more aware of his son’s potential. He wanted his son to become an actor. Now isn’t that a kind of father you would like to have! Only when your roots are firmly embedded in the ground can you rise high and beyond. Well, Tapan’s parents supported his passion, and he strongly believes he couldn’t have managed as much as he has today without the strong fatherly force urging him to go for it.
Art is a mode of expression by an artist. It is a way of communicating using only brush strokes and colours. Not everyone possesses the skills, the emotions, to connect with your inner-self and to be able to brush the most vibrant coloured yet deep stories on the canvas. Nandini Raikar, a gifted artist, has a remarkable talent to express the deepest of human emotions and it's connected with nature on the canvas. Her style of work is quite extraordinary and noteworthy. Her strokes of colours are quite vivid that express a deep connect of humans with nature. In May, Achies Art Gallery displayed her masterpieces at a solo exhibition that gained a lot of appreciation and recognition.