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The Algorythem Duo – The Engineers by Profession and Musicians by Passion 

Discover the inspiring journey of Misaal Raikar and Rohit Naik, the talented engineers turned musicians behind "The Algorythem Duo." Born in Margao, South Goa,
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The Algorythem Duo
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The two talented performers, Misaal Raikar and Rohit Naik have come together to form the band called “The Algorythem Duo”. Born and brought up in Margao situated in south Goa, they grew up together and studied in the same school while participating in various school competitions they realised that their destiny lies in Music and that was the beginning of their journey into the world of Music. 

“We call ourselves “The  Algorythm duo”, said Misaal adding, they were born and raised in Margao. “We even studied in the same school, called Bhatikar Model High School. Although we were in different classes we ended up just being acquaintances during our school days. We did participate in various extra-curricular activities held within the school. But there was something about music that fascinated us. This was the time we started realizing our interest in music.”

They are currently pursuing their education in Computer Science Engineering. “The events that we participated in school and college add up to our experiences and encouraged us to explore more about music,” added Misaal continuing, to tell you more about our individual backgrounds, I am Misaal Raikar (Vocalist/Guitarist) has 3 years of Indian classical training and he is Rohit Naik is a self-taught Percussionist. We knew each other from school days but we never had a jam session nor did we have any discussions about music before. It was our Engineering entrance exam where we first talked about having a jam session together. We started jamming and we were enjoying it. We made multiple covers on Instagram and we got a pretty good response. So we thought why not take this to the next level? This was the time when tried open mics. This opened up many pathways and gave us a ton of opportunities to showcase our talents. We started getting recognition due to which more and more people got to know about us and started approaching us for the same.”

The Journey continued, “The events gave us more and more exposure and we performed gigs at private events as well as corporate events such as wedding ceremonies, engagements, haldi ceremonies, award functions, after-parties, in-house parties, occasional events and much more. In this journey, we also got opportunities to meet a few experienced people in this field who guided us with their prior experiences and knowledge which provided us with a wider perspective about our future goals,” he added.

The most difficult part of following your passion is dealing with academics at the same time which becomes quite challenging at times. “Following your passion along with studies that too in Engineering is not easy. Managing your time is one of the biggest hurdles that we still face at times. We did come across people who scammed us, as in, we were called to perform but we were not provided with our commercials. Through this, we learnt some life lessons.”

“Our first open mic at which we performed was organized by the Crio community where we got a kick-start followed by multiple open mics organized by Sir Saidutt Kamat which gave us the recognition that we needed at the beginning of our journey.

Back in the beginning, we never looked through a commercial point of view. We were doing this because we enjoyed it and the passion behind it was our only driving force. After getting into it, we got to know about the commercial side of this field. Our decisions started becoming more precise and planned with respect to business. We also learnt about ways to do business. Our main goal was to follow our passion.”

Their future plans are basically based on keeping the work going. “We are trying to explore new skills within the field and find ways that can make our work more creative and unique,” he said.

“We would like to advise the budding talents to just believe in and work hard on themselves. If you are passionate, dedicated and hardworking towards your goals then life will bring opportunities to you. We conclude this by saying that we are engineers by profession and musicians by passion.”

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