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Domestic Tourists Ripped off on the Pretext of Providing Women at Calangute Goa

Goa is a place of sun sand and siesta, but besides that it has many more things to offer and that attracts lots of
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Goa is a place of sun sand and siesta, but besides that it has many more things to offer and that attracts lots of domestic tourist to this La La land to fulfill all their fantasies, but they forget one thing that everything they see does not necessarily have to be real, and here they get ripped by the culprits. There are various stories going around how tourists get ripped off in the state, but this one is specific to the one subject, let’s take a look here.

There was a story published on this portal in the month of March 2017 with the title “THE PIMPS ARE TARGETING INDIAN TOURISTS SHOWING THE PHOTOS OF “GOAN GIRLS” IN NORTH GOA” that puts more light on the malpractices being carried out at Goa’s busiest beach, Calangute. The report states that majorly populated beach filled with the Desi Tourists has become vulnerable to illegal businesses.    

Calangute is majorly populated with Desi tourists, it also is known as “Desi Tourist Haven” but, besides being the famous, it has also become the notorious due to the increasing saturation of the Pimps who target these “Desi” tourists for making some bucks.     

The process begins with Pimp approaching the male tourists in the public parking lots at Calangute and Baga area, or the shacks or in local hotels asking “Goa Ka Ladki Mangta Hai Kya?” (Do you need a Goan Girl?) Gazing the approval of the tourist the Pimp would pull out the mobile phone from his pocket to show the photos of young Goan Women.]

Despite several warnings, the domestic tourists do not seem to be getting educated and land into the trap set by the culprits. 

In one of the recent case reported by the Times of India, a group of domestic tourists had been ripped off by five persons at Calangute beach on the pretext of providing them with the women for the purpose of prostitution.  

Domestic Tourists gets lured into the Dance Bars in Goa

According to the sources, the Calangute police station received a complaint from a group of tourists stating that they were cheated by the people at Dance Bar situated in Candolim. 

“The group of tourists had been lured to an alleged dance bar situated at Candolim with the promise of being provided with women for the purpose of sex late on Wednesday night,” said the sources at Calangute police.      

The tourists initially paid Rs16,000 to two men identified as Shyam Bharati and Johnson. But when they were in the alleged nightclub, they were restrained, assaulted, threatened, prevented from going out and Rs 12,000 was extorted from them by swiping their cards and were also not provided with any women.     

Domestic tourists creating nuisance at Calangute

The tourists later lodged a complaint with Calangute police following which the cops reached the nightclub and took five persons into custody. 

According to Calangute police, Shyam Bharati, who is among the arrested, is a notorious history-sheeter and repeat offender. All five have been arrested after being charged for assault, criminal intimidation, extortion, and cheating.

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