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Tourist Makes Video and Post Online After Local Taxi Drivers Forced him out of GoaMiles Taxi at Five Star Hotel in South Goa

It is very sad but true, the out of control behaviour of the Goa’s local taxi operators have crossed all the boundaries of the
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It is very sad but true, the out of control behaviour of the Goa’s local taxi operators have crossed all the boundaries of the business ethics and now they seem to be ready to reach at any level to stop the App-based taxi service in Goa, and to that they have now started threatening the GoaMiles Taxi drivers in the presence of their passengers.

One of the tourists staying at the five-star hotel in south Goa had posted the video online showing how the local taxi operators are threatening the GoaMiles taxi drivers and in the bargain scaring the tourist away.   

The ongoing battle between GoaMIles drivers and the local taxi drivers doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon as the local taxi operators have started taking the law in their own hands and started abusing the GoaMiles drivers in from their passengers. The indent that took place recently at one of the leading five-star property in South Goa one of the tourists from AP had been asked to get down from the car he hired online with the help of GoaMiles App.

In one of the latest development in the taxi, the issue is a video uploaded on Social Media up by a tourist from Hyderabad, narrating an attack on him by the local taxi drivers and appealing to the Goa government to act on the matter before tourists feel unsafe in Goa while using a taxi.

Prithvi Reddy uploaded a video stating that he was forced to get off the GoaMiles taxi and he chose to walk 1.5 km to find another taxi instead of using a taxi operated by those taxi operators involved in the incident.

He narrated the incident saying that he was in Goa to attend a conference and had booked a cab through GoaMiles. The driver, Sadik Shaikh, picked him up and they left the hotel. Outside the hotel gates, the other taxi drivers stopped the car and began arguing with the driver as to why he had come to pick up a passenger at the hotel. They continued to argue even though Reddy was already seated in the car.

Ignoring Reddy’s pleas, the taxi drivers continued assaulting Shaikh and did not let the car move. They even tried to assault Reddy and the driver having no other option left Reddy and went away.

“This is what a tourist like me experienced in the state of Goa and I am not sure what would be the situation if my family was in the car,” said Reddy.

Taxi Driver threatening the GoaMiles Driver

Reddy was very upset and said that the taxi drivers acted like goondas in spite of a customer being seated in the car. Reddy stated that he preferred to walk the 1.5kms distance rather than use a taxi operated by the taxi goons.

He also appealed the Goa Government to act on this matter. He iterated that Goa being a tourist state, a tourist feeling unsafe didn’t bode well for the State.

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