Hotel Fidalgo is the only venue in the heart of the Panjim city that has around five amazing restaurants with lip-smacking cuisines. During different seasons around the year, the hotel organises various food festivals, showcasing delicacies from different states including Goa. This monsoon season, you can grab a hot sizzling meal at the Barbecue and Sizzler Festival beginning from June 8th, at Hotel Fidalgo. The Executive Chef Pawan Kumar is the man behind the mouth-watering menu that will be presented all throughout the festival. Chef Pawan says, “Barbecue cuisines makes the rains even more enjoyable. The sound of the sizzler along with the sound of rain is a fantastic combination that will make your day. The smell of the hot, spicy, tangy, sweet and cheesy veggies and meat cooked on coal will create the perfect ambience for you.”

Unlike the previous year when the hotel displayed the Chaat Street theme, this time the hotel brings to you not only Indian, but European, Oriental, and even Goan cuisines on the hot sizzlers plates. The Chef also mentioned, “For the guests who have a sweet tooth will enjoy desserts like the sizzling Hot Brownies with cooling Black Current Ice Cream. There is also an option of dripping chocolate sauce and also the moist tasty Churros.

The dishes will include yummy Pork Ribs, Tiger Prawns, the Indonesian Spiced and Glazed Fish, and choice of an Indonesian styled homemade pickle. There will also be an Indian Grill section specially called as ‘Dawat-e-Maas’ exclusively from the Chef. The Dawat-e-Maas will have different meat combinations like lamb, tongue roast, chicken, fish with the component of flavoured rice and premium salad. What’s more? There a special Goan Pork Chilly Fry which will stand out among the Goan delicacies along with Veg Chop and Goan salad.

The Barbecue is just not for the meat lovers because the chef has a lot of savouries in store for the vegetarians as well so that they lose on the fun of having a delicious barbecue. The vegetarian menu includes the Smoked Fruit Platter with Nuts and Honey, Oriental Date Pancakes presented in an exotic serving style with Chilly Coriander Ice Cream. Everything sounds spectacular from the starters to the main course to the desserts. So get out of your homes and get ready to rush to O Goa for a season of delectable Barbecue and Sizzlers.



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