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Asian Paints Gives Glimpses of Abhay Deol’s Goa Home

In the third season of the YouTube series Where The Heart Is, Asian Paints gave us a glimpse into the serene, and elegant home
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Abhay Deol's Goa Home
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In the third season of the YouTube series Where The Heart Is, Asian Paints gave us a glimpse into the serene, and elegant home of actor Abhay Deol. Giving a tour of his glasshouse in the middle of a Goa jungle. 

The actor revealed that he kept his home’s décor simple. His house appears to be nothing less than a greenhouse, cradled in the forests and lush greenery far from the hustle and bustle of city life. He said, “It’s a plot in the middle of the forest. And I really wanted to basically bring the environment into the house. So it is essentially a glass house in a forest.”

Amidst Lush Greenery

He told his architect that he didn’t want windows in the house, but rather large sliding doors, an amazing forest view, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. He also made certain that the ceilings are high, simple, and soothing. The dining area of the house is styled very solely, with cool shades of colour on the walls and elegant décor. 

The granite and dark wooden pattern appear to be both elegant and royal. The dark granite flooring and wooden elements give the house a vintage vibe. His spacious living room has a lovely view of his front garden and the forest behind it. The house’s kitchen is also very sleek and modern. Through the kitchen, you can also see the lush garden outside his house. This dream home also offers a beautiful swimming pool area.

Glasshouse – A Meditative Oasis with a Rustic Vibe

A glasshouse in the middle of the forest is like stepping into a fairyland hidden away in the lush greenery. He had been visiting the neighbourhood for 20 years, ensuring that he had a perfect getaway house. His vision was to bring the environment into the house and create a sense of coexistence between humans and nature. He specifically requested that there be no barrier between him and nature. 

The house gives you a genuine, neutral feeling, and a sense of physical and mental comfort. Walls with a dark granite appearance and furniture in muted colours, with a bright blue wall in some places to contrast the overall feel. His pool area is a charming space with sunbeds and greenery all around, symbolising human-nature coexistence.

Being from a creative background, artistry has simply become a way of life for him. The habit of creating something led to the construction of this house for him as well. Abhay’s home incorporates the environment into his way of life, making it unique to the actor.

Cover Image Credits – Asian Paints 

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