Goa University’s Canteen shut Down by FDA due to Poor Quality Food Served by the Contractor to Students

When the students pay a huge amount of sum for the canteen facilities they are supposed to receive good quality food but that was something that did not happen at the Goa’s premier education institute, The Goa University and following the complaint from the student the FDA was forced to shut down the canteen of University’s Men’s Hostel.

The students claim of paying twenty thousand rupees for the food facility at the canteen and complained of receiving poor quality food cooked in highly unhygienic conditions that sometimes even contained hair, worms, flies and cockroaches. 

It is very sad that such kind of incidents takes place in one of the most reputed educational institutions which attract students from all over the country. With more than 140 students staying in the university’s hostel, the students need the facility of breakfast and lunch and that was taken by the Canteen and now since the canteen has been shut down the students have been left with no option but to make their own arrangements, said the sources.

The Goa University Canteen was serving the poor quality food to the student who paid Rs. 20,000 each for the good quality food. The food was cold, tasteless, not cooked properly, and sometimes even hair, worms, flies and cockroaches were found in the food.

According to the report published by the Times Of India After receiving complaints from students of Goa University, the food and drugs administration (FDA) raided and shut down the mess of the new men’s hostel on Friday.

The sources have revealed that With the mess shut, the 140-odd students pursuing their Master’s degrees were initially forced to make their own arrangements for food. Arrangements for food were made at the nearby central canteen until the new contractor was operational.

After the new contractor took over the canteen he could provide the food only for one day as his cook had taken ill and on that particular day, some students said that the quantity was insufficient. “Breakfast is served from 8 am to 9.30am but when I reached 9.15am, the food was over,” said one of the students.   

“I paid around Rs.20,000 for the mess facilities. The university should ensure that we get good quality food on time, and if this is not possible, they should refund our money,” he told the media.     

According to the sources, Earlier this month, the students wrote to the FDA urging them to resolve the issue of poor-quality food served by the canteen to them. Despite informing the mess staff about improvements, the students said that the staff were indifferent.

“The quality of food has kept deteriorating since,” the complaint stated. The food was cold, tasteless and sometimes not cooked properly, the students said, adding that even hair, worms, flies and cockroaches were found in the food.

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