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Pooja Bedi Launches HAPPY SOUL, Her First Health & Wellness Store, in Anjuna, Goa

After a series of successful avatars as an actress, model, columnist and talk show host, reality TV star and acclaimed transformation coach, Pooja Bedi
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After a series of successful avatars as an actress, model, columnist and talk show host, reality TV star and acclaimed transformation coach, Pooja Bedi has now launched an entrepreneurial venture with her health and wellness brand Happy Soul in Anjuna Goa. Her first retail store opened on Thursday 12th December features a host of certified organic food, sustainable, eco-friendly home and exercise products.

Some of the country’s most innovative offerings are available here including soy and vegetable candles, soaps and chemical-free skin care products. Stepping through a hand-painted façade at a delightful little store in Anjuna, opposite the Oxford Arcade supermarket, you can explore a host of healthy food choices including superfoods, teas, grains, butters, preserves, oils and more.

If you are vegan or gluten-intolerant, you will love the tasty treats available, such as the edamame noodles by Pink Harvest and a range of non-dairy and keto products. Some products have travelled a long way to be made available in Goa.

Adella and Amrit Malhans

Special olive oil is available all the way from Greece, to help keep your heart healthy for longer. Wonderful white and saffron honey from the Lolab Valley in Kashmir by a company called Organic Kashmir, are also available.

Evan (Olive) Vikram Naharwar (Amsarveda) and Yulia

Besides edible products, a wide range of natural herb supplements from companies like Organic Wellness is available to keep you healthy and disease-free.

Pooja says, “Given the high stress and pollution levels these days, wellness is not optional, it’s essential. Wellness is about a focus on prevention over cure. We have carefully curated diverse companies whose edible products are certified organic and skincare products that are chemical-free, paraben sulphate and silicone-free.”

Sushil Jain, Manek Contractor, Pooja Bedi and Val

The skincare range from Amsarveda and Soul Tree are paraben-free, natural and safe for all skin types. Soaps, bath salts and bath ‘bombs’ or little balls of bath salts from Nature’s Van and zodiac sign based soaps from Spice Therapy, enrich all the senses. There are also more exotic offerings like crystals and aromatherapy for healing.

Natalie, Jackie Stanton and Pooja Bedi

Pooja along with business partner Namrata Thakker plan to franchise their carefully curated health and wellness store concept across the country. They plan to additionally launch the Happy Soul multi-vendor e-commerce portal by the start of 2020, followed by their own brand of massage oils and a wellness centre mid-2020 which will also be open to the franchise.

Harinder Singh (Percept)

Friends and wellwishers including Sonia Puri, Conrad D’Costa and partner Maneck Contractor among others attended the launch of the store at Anjuna.

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