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Goa Tourism Welcome the ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ Passenger Cruise Vessel at Mormugao Port

The Passenger Cruise Liner ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ was welcomed by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation officials on 6th December 2016 at the Mormugao Port
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The Passenger Cruise Liner ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ was welcomed by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation officials on 6th December 2016 at the Mormugao Port Trust, Goa Harbour at Vasco da Gama. According to the sources in Tourism Department, the Cruise Liner, ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ had started her voyage from Oman to India via UAE and will be going back to Oman Via Muscat. The ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ arrived in Goa from Cochin Port, said the sources.

According to the press note from the Goa Tourism, When Cruise Liner left from Oman, a total of 2418 passengers were on board and the number of crew on arrival was 1024pax. Of the total passenger’s majority were of German (2260pax), Austrian (60pax) and Swiss (47pax) nationality. The Tourism Department welcomed the ‘MEIN SCHIFF 3’ in a very innovative style. According to the sources in the department, when the Cruise Liner docked at the Mormugao Port, Goa 05.24 am and the passengers were welcomed graciously by the King Momo & his Queen Momo along with the entourage of merrymakers & dancers. They were received with flowers and pleasant greetings while live performances of Goan folk dances to the live melodic Goan folk songs brought a smile on every passenger’s face.       

The live Brass band was also another feature that was appreciated by the passengers. The Goan rich cultural heritage was depicted by the folk dances like the Corridinho, Fugdi, etc. Glimpses of Goa in the form of pictures on big boards were displayed to give the passengers an insight of Goa covering important sites like monuments, Churches, Temples, beaches, cuisine, hinterland, colorful festivals etc. Brochures, leaflets, Maps giving detailed information of Goa were distributed to the passengers along with branded writing pens, pen drives etc. The Goa tourism information officers were active to furnish all the required information to the passengers till they were satisfied. Refreshing column drinks & water was also served to the guests.             

After an intriguing well spent day on sightseeing tours, the passengers left the shores of Goa for their next destination -Muscat-Oman at 6.24 pm. (IST). The decision of the Goa tourism for having the welcome ceremony conducted for all the passenger cruises docking in Goa in the fashion covered hereinabove is an extremely positive initiative and has a major impact on the passengers disembarking to the pleasant live tunes, dances, flowers & 1st hand information  available on the 1st step on the Goan shores. The passengers & the crew has greatly appreciated this initiative.               

From October 2016 Goa is expecting over 40 nos of cruise vessels to touch the Goan shores till June 2017 where the passengers would spend the full day touring Goa and enjoying the pearl of the east. As per the information conveyed to the Goa tourism by the port authorities on the strength of the passengers, carried by each vessel range between 400 (least) to 2900 (max) and crew between 200 (least) to 1100 (max). The influx of visitors to beautiful Goa by the medium of cruise travel has been on the rise to only indicate a steady tourism growth on the horizon.

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