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NRI Commission In Goa Does Not Have Information on Any Goan Living in Afghanistan

Following the invasion of Afghanistan by the Taliban, all the countries including India making efforts to bring back their citizens safe but there is
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No Records of Goan Living in Afghanistan
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The recent events that have occurred in Afghanistan have been pathetic to every individual living there. Fearing the consequences of the Taliban-run country, several people living there have attempted to flee the country. 

The Indian government has been a lot of help by helping the Indian people living there to return to their motherland safe and sound.

However, the NRI Commission of Goa does not have information on any Goans living in Afghanistan. The commission has not been contacted by any Goans asking to be evacuated. 

“We don’t have any information as of now. We are trying to find out,” NRI commissioner Narendra Sawaikar told media persons on Tuesday, August 17.

When he was asked about the Afghan students studying in Goa, he said that they are undergoing studies here and should keep studying as the situation in Afghanistan is not very suitable for them to live in right now. 

He further added that the government is very concerned and is doing everything possible to help those in need.

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