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The Super Rich Begin Landing in Goa In Private Jets Following Goa Opening For Tourism

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Gulfstream 200 Private Jet
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For some of the rich and famous people in the country, spending 100K for a Trip in a Private Jet to Goa is not a big deal, and most of them either have their own private Villas or Old Portuguese House in Goa or they can still afford to rent out the small boutique properties in Goa for the vacation. 

Following the announcement made by the Tourism Minister of Goa about reopening the state for tourism activities, the rich and the famous from across the country have their second home in Goa started flying down to the state in the hired private jets that cost anywhere over 10 Lakh rupees per trip.

Private Jet Interiors
The Interiors of a Private Jet (Source: CNTraveller)

According to the reports, Goa Airport at Dabolim has witnessed nine such landings of the private jets in the past 10 days carrying some of the super-rich and famous people mainly from Mumbai Maharashtra, most of them own a second home in the state, stated the report.

A trip in the Private Jets from Mumbai to Goa costs anywhere over 100K and the carrying capacity of the private jet is around 7 to 9 people as most of the time only the families & friends of the rich and famous people afford to travel by Private Jets.   

With nine private jets landing in Goa over the past 10 days, the state is fast emerging as the top destination for the super-rich who own second homes or have leased luxury villas in the state. Most of the flights come from Mumbai and Delhi, India’s two worst-affected Covid cities.

According to the sources following the reopening of India’s most sought after beach destination, the demand for hiring the Private Jets started growing. Over the past few days, Goa International Airport has hosted all sorts of business jets, right from Gulfstream-200s to Bombardier Global 6000s, bringing some of the super-rich people in the state.

The reports state that these flights had brought a variety of persons like the family of LK Advani’s son, the Shah family that owns the diagnostics chain Metropolis Healthcare, and former Genpact CEO Pramod Bhasin.


Tourism in Goa
Relaxing by the Pool in Goa (Source: Stock Image)

“Goa is currently one of the top destinations for private charters, and there is a constant demand on this route. People want to go to their vacation homes,” said co-founder of Sachit Wadhwa.

According to the sources, private jets have witnessed a whopping 60 percent increase in inquiries, said one of the officials at the Goa Airport adding that major amount of requests for these flights, mostly from Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.    

“On a daily basis, we are receiving requests for non-scheduled operator charters, and we clear the requests if they meet all requirements,” said Goa Airport director Gagan Malik adding that since there are no many options for the vacation at the moment people prefer to come to Goa. “Right now, people can’t go abroad for a holiday. So, the best possible option, it seems, is Goa.”

The Goa government has not made it mandatory for fliers to obtain an e-pass, and anybody arriving by road or flight can show a Covid-free certificate issued by an ICMR-approved lab or get tested in Goa for Rs 2,000.

The advantages of booking a private jet are obvious, the fliers can arrive at the airport just 30 minutes prior to departure, avoid the crowd in the terminal building, there are no long queues for security and boarding, one can and travel only with familiar passengers hence avoiding the possibilities of getting any infection.

Source: TOI

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