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Most Popular Online Casino Games in India

Casinos and gambling are not a new phenomenon in India; in fact, gambling dates as far back as the time of Ramayan, which is
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Casinos and gambling are not a new phenomenon in India; in fact, gambling dates as far back as the time of Ramayan, which is about 7200 B.C. There are about 23 land-based casinos in India currently, but don’t let that number fool you, and this is a nation of avid gamblers. The country has seen an increase in online gambling over the past couple of years. The lax regulation around online casinos is one of the contributing factors, the availability of online casinos on mobiles is another reason for the increase.

The value of online gambling in India is estimated to be around $90 million and considering that 54% of the population own cell phones, this number is set to increase in the next few years. With the acceptance of rupees in cashouts and deposits, the industry grew exponentially.

There are a lot of popular and fun online casino games available in the Indian market, and there are the usual table games such as blackjack, baccarat and poker. What would a casino be without slots? Of course, then some online games are unique to India. We take a look at some of the most popular online casino games in India.


Papplu or Indian rummy is a variation of the rummy game we know and love, and it is prevalent in India. There are 2 -10 players. The players arrange cards into runs and sets, Papplu can is played with 13 or 21 cards, but the most common form is the one with 13 cards. Getting two runs before everyone else guarantees you a win. All the other players owe you their points once you have declared Paplu (win). A set is made of cards of the same rank but different suits. Once you know the rules, this game is fun to play.


Slots are the staple diet of any online casino, and they are among the favourite online casino games in India. The great thing about slot machine games is that they can be themed in any design. There is the much-beloved classic like of Book of Dead, Lucky Wheel and Pompeii. 

Of course, the Indian-themed slots are a hit in India. Games like Pearls India and The wonders of Taj Mahal have been around for a while and are fun to play. Ganesha Fortune, Cricket Kings and Hot Spin are Three slot games that you have to try from 10CRIC. Even with just a few rupees, one can still win big on slots, and the great thing is they have simple rules and are not technical at all.

Gambling Slot Machine
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Also known as Andar Bahar, for lack of a better description, this is a game based on betting on the card’s colour. The dealer deals a row of 13 cards, all face down. The players choose cards and bet inside(andar) or outside (bahar) for their cards. The dealer will deal with the indicator card after all wagers have been placed. The colour of the indicator card will determine which stakes win and which bets lose.

Another fun element of this game is that players can also bet against each other, so a player may lose against the dealer but win their bet on other players.


Roulette is a classic as it is a staple in any casino, land-based and online. It is a game that is a favourite in India, mainly because it’s simple to play. Players place bets on the pockets before the wheel is spun.

Teen Patti

Teen patti is a flush gambling card game that originated from three-card brag, there are usually three to seven people in the game, and every player gets cards facing down. The players can place blind bets (without seeing the cards), or they can bet after seeing the cards. The aim is to remain in the game until the end and get the best hand or highest hand. The highest combination is A-K-Q.


Poker is top-rated in India in all casinos, there are many poker variations out there, but the most played variation in India is Texas Holdem. This variation is more straightforward than the others; maybe that’s why it’s more popular. The players seek the best cards with five cards in hand. Playing with a live poker dealer is preferred by most players as they say it makes you feel like you are in a real casino.

Minu Flush

Minu Flush is a variation of the traditional flush card game. Like the original game, the highest cards are three aces, and the lowest is 5,2,3. The dealer deals three face-down cards, and players place bets before the cards are turned over.


Online baccarat is popular because it’s easy to learn and fun to play. There is the banker and the dealer, and you either bet on the dealer or the banker, the hand closest to nine wins.

Red Dog

This table game is a variant of Acey Deucey, and it is one of the most played games in India and worldwide. The dealer deals five cards, and all face down. Once players have seen their cards, they place bets. The aim is to have a card ranking higher than the sum of the suit, and the highest cards are Ace-King-Queen. Any wager amount is acceptable, up to the value of the chips in the pot.

In Conclusion

Online gamblers in India are anticipated to grow from the current 360 million to 500 million by 2024. International companies have also seen the growth potential in the Indian gambling market, as more and more online casinos now accept the Indian Rupee as a currency for deposits and cashouts.

It’s clear that the simpler the rules of the games in the casino, the more people will play them, as it’s easier to bet on a game you understand. The games with low wage requirements are also popular as they allow players to get the feel of gambling without spending too much money.   

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