Supreme Court Orders Stopping of the construction work of the Goa Airport coming up at Mopa

There has been a huge hue and cry about the new airport project underway at Mopa right from the time of its conceptualisation. The one question people of Goa ask, why is there a need for a second airport for such a small state when the airport at Dabolim is capable of handling the traffic. Even the taxi operators feel more comfortable at Dabolim, but the Goa government is unable to give a satisfactory answer to it all.

The construction of Mopa airport has not only divided the people on their opinion, but it also resulted in the destruction of the huge amount of vegetation in that area. Due to the huge amount of tree felling in the vicinity, there were several efforts to stop the construction of the airport at Mopa in a form of agitation including the filing of the petition in the court.

According to the report published in the Times of India, the supreme court has finally ordered the stopping of the contraction of the airport at Mopa. The Supreme Court on Friday ordered the Goa government and GMR (Goa International Airport Limited) (GGIAL) to maintain a status quo on the construction of the airport.

According to the sources, if the Mopa airport begins its operation there will be a huge loss to the taxi operators based in the south Goa as the major traffic will be routed through Mopa instead of Dabolim.   

The apex court issued the interim order while hearing arguments on the admission of two appeals filed by Hanumant Aroskar and Federation of Rainbow Warriors challenging the order of National Green Tribunal (NGT), Pune.

The report further states that based on the appeals filed by Mr Hanumant Aroskar and Federation of Rainbow Warriors supreme court had asked the petitioner to maintain the status quo until the further orders.

In the meanwhile, GMR company, who handles the construction work of the Goa Airport at Mopa had fielded a caveat in the court had argued on the matter and based that the court had directed that status quo be maintained on the project until further orders.   

In response to the contention of the GMR that it is a national project and that work is underway at a fast pace, the court said they can file a detailed reply on the project status. 

The two petitioners had sought for a stay before the Supreme Court over the feeling of 55,000 trees at Mopa, arguing that the environmental impact assessment (EIA) report had only mentioned about the bushes on the airport site.   

It may be recalled that in the month of August 2018, the NGT bench had rejected their applications challenging the grant of environmental clearance for the greenfield airport.


The state government and GGIAL officials had breathed in relief, stating that with the environmental clearance issue resolved, construction of the airport could commence at a faster pace.       

The state government had recently expressed confidence about commissioning the airport by September 2020. Phase I of the airport project is expected to be completed soon, including the airport terminal building.

According to the sources, if the Mopa airport begins its operation there will be a huge loss to the taxi operators based in the south Goa as the major traffic will be routed through Mopa instead of Dabolim.       

Do we the Goans need the Airport at Mopa?? Who is benefiting more from the same?? Locals or the private companies who are behind this entire project??

The proposed airport is being built in Pernem taluka in a total area of 2,271 acres. The Federation of Rainbow Warriors had contended that the EIA study and report completely ignored the ‘study area’ falling in Maharashtra, and also how it included the protected Western Ghats.


4 thoughts on “Supreme Court Orders Stopping of the construction work of the Goa Airport coming up at Mopa”

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    Looking at Dabolim Airport NTB it can handle upto 6.5 million passengers , the NTB at Dabolim Airport has already touched to 5 million passengers handling, as per IATA it’s going to touch 8million by 2020 and being defence port Navy need more flying time which is absolutely required looking at Nation safety at the same time no additional land is available for further expansion, during pick hrs if you are coming to drop anyone it’s such a pathetic condition you can’t park the vehicle
    MOPA is for the state and national benefits, it’s a nunsences getting spread that all passengers will be diverted to MOPA which is absolutely wrong, MOPA will be International Airport terminal for Goa and Dabolim Airport will remain as Domestic terminal.We can say taxi owners will be more beneficial for transferring passengers from domestic to International & Vice Versa.As on date any new developments start immediately their is objection without knowing the reality.Its not only create a job bank for the Goan youth also it will help us to get more foreign tourists in Goa because today due to short of parking bay so many chatter operation is getting cancel means we are not getting that much foreign tourists which is supposed to happen, today Goa lost the 6th position / ranking to Kolkata. Let’s support MOPA as it’s the future requirements for Goa economy growth.

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    It is true that goa is the best tourism spot, but fisrt we should keep our natural beauty alive not to keep on build. we people study that tree and plant give out oxygen and we live. But now people want only money not the life. secondly where the animals will go it is their place to stay if there is no place they will come to our house and stay.

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    Geetesh Sharad Kudalkar

    People who are talking against the mopa airport and government and development will gladly travel from mopa airport once it is built, will take videos, selfies such hypocrites. Most of the people who are talking about tree cutting have never planted a tree in their life. Stop cursing the government if u so called self employed environmentalist do care about nature then get out and start planting some trees. So many of us are staying in houses where there were once trees so what we plant new trees around our house. Stop bitching stop being hypocrites.

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