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Goa’s Nude Hippy Days are Gone, Now Hippies are replaced by the Domestic Yuppies

The hippies started leaving the state from the time domestic tourists began flocking into the state to check out the hidden places filled with
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The hippies started leaving the state from the time domestic tourists began flocking into the state to check out the hidden places filled with hippies. The intention of the domestic tourists may not have been invading into the privacy of the foreigners but their deeds made them feel very uncomfortable. Hippies started coming to Goa right from the early 60s but Goans were never interested in invading their privacy due to their nature and lifestyle which was fully exposed to the western culture compared to the other inhabitants of the country, and thus the moment Domestic tourists began entering in to the state the Hippies started disappearing from Goa.

Goa gained the attention of the world during the Hippies movement. This was during the late 60s when foreigners visited Goa and enjoyed the beaches with cheap food, drinks, and alcohol. They were just a bunch of ‘freaks’ (as they called themselves) who were laid back and harmless who promoted love, peace, and harmony.

This drew the attention of the locals and they loved having them around. There was something interesting about these hippies. Soon these hippies themselves became a sight of attraction in the beaches. He blonde, half-clad, white-skinned individuals, soon became a thing to see around the beaches of Goa. And the Flea markets set-up by them soon gained momentum. They were welcomes and loved by the Goans.

The laid-back lifestyle of Goans is envy to every 9 to 5 working employee. The vibes of this place are entirely different and Goa possesses a charm like no other state in the country. The mix between the East and the West is apparent in the Goan culture, cuisine and even apparels. Everything about this place is mesmerizing. This is the reason why Goa has effortlessly come a long way in the field of Travel and tourism and is currently one of the most desired destination of vacation among domestic and international tourists.

Now in the recent scenario, the movement, however, has taken a cold pace. The influx of domestic tourists have somewhat affected the overall vibes of this place. The locals argue that the tourists from the country and especially North India are rude and mannerless. There have been instances of nuisances of these domestic tourists with the locals as well as other tourists.

The growing trend of solo travelers and especially female solo travelers had taken momentum in the coastal state due to its liberal host communities. But in the recent decade, there has been many inappropriate behaviors reported towards women due to their “revealing” dresses. Pollution and over-crowding have squeezed out the life of the beaches. The ban on drinking of alcohol has taken out the purpose of most tourists visiting the place.

According to the article published on Goa Prism, The whole concept of tourism has been changed in recent years. What used to be a “hippie” or “Freak” spot with cheap accommodation, food, and drinks, is now an elite place filled with resorts, casinos and cruises. Goa somewhere has lost its direction as laid-back tourist’s spot that most foreigners were drawn to.

According to the locals, the sights of the domestic tourists in beaches are not appealing. The conservative tourists often mock the bikini-wearing and half-clad tourists while they are seen taking a dip in the sea with their jeans. The instances of eve-teasing and inappropriate glaring have caused a feeling of uneasiness to the tourist which is why foreigners are now advised to dress more moderate.

Now you can easily spot Indian tourists all over on the Goan Beaches

According to New York Times, Goa’s renegade lifestyle attracts an entirely new type of traveler — young Indians who are flocking here not to find themselves, as the hippies once did, but to celebrate their bachelorette parties or dance atop bars.

Goa has transformed from a laid-back enclave for bohemian Westerners to a mass tourist destination for Indians.

Locals are of the opinion that Goa is no more the same. Ever since the gates have opened for the state as a tourist destination, a large percentage of people from middle to upper-class have started to visit here. This has somehow taken off the essence of this state and Goa is now attracting tourists that are completely different than what the state received earlier. The question that remains is: How can we regulate the kind of tourist that enters the state? The state must bring about quality tourism rather than mass tourism: What are our opinions on this?

Image Sources: NYTIMES | Max Default

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