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Goa Government wants to extend the Lockdown with Resumption of Economic Activities in the State

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Goa Government wants to extend the lockdown while resuming the economic activities within the state. Goa is perhaps the only state in the country that remained safe from the coronavirus with the exception of a couple of cases that finally turned into negative in no time. The state government wants to allow economic activities back to normal within the state by keeping the borders of Goa sealed.

According to the reports, the Goa state government has sent a recommendation to the Prime Minister’s office to continue lockdown in the state post 3rd May by allowing the economic activities within the state.

Goa Becomes the Green Zone

Since Goa is in a green zone, there is no harm in allowing economic activities within the state, said Goa’s CM Pramod Sawant adding that there won’t be any further relaxation until May 3. “We are awaiting the advice of central government in regards and opening up of other actives such as public transport will be taken after that,” he added.    

“We have sent our written representation. We are of the opinion that the lockdown should be extended, but economic activity within the state should continue. This is especially important since our neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka are witnessing a rise in figures it is important that the lockdown continues,” Sawant said.

Goa Reopens the non-essential Goods Shops

By continuing the lockdown means not allowing the free movement of the business from outside the state Goa. The state has already allowed the reopening of non-essential goods shops outside the municipal market after home department gave the green signal, However, the hospitality, tourism sectors, as well as public transport, continued to remain shut making the full resumption some distance away.   

“Depending on the central government guidelines that come for the lockdown 3.0 to be effective after May 3, we will decide on opening up sectors,” Sawant said.   

Sawant also said that the people of Goa will have to get used to the social distancing for little longer, may a year or so. “People should get used to social distancing for the next one or two years,” Sawant said.   

Transport will Resume soon

According to Mr Sawant, the state government is in talks with their counterparts from the neighbouring states regarding facilitating of transport arrangements for those migrant labourers who wish to return to their villages. “Those locals who have been stranded in other places will be allowed to return to Goa if they can make their own transport arrangements,” He added.

Source: HT

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