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Planning to visit Goa? The Nightlife Has Resumed Back But Many Things Still Remains Closed, Check Out Here…

Famous for its nightlife, the resumption of Goa's tourism sector is the perfect moment for you and your friends to plan a trip to
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Nightlife Has Resumed Back in Goa
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Music, Dance, and Fun these three words are enough to describe the wondrous adventures this state promises to entertain. Goa may be the smallest state of the country, but it promises adventures better than any other place in the country.

BJP legislature and the representative of the Calangute Assembly segment, Michael Lobo said in July, “Goa is a world-famous destination for its nightlife. The nightlife has been shut down (due to Covid-19 curbs), and I feel that it should continue to remain closed till the Covid- 19 situation in the country comes under control,” he said.

The minister said the lives of people are more important than the economy of Goa.

“We have seen our close friends dying due to Covid- 19. We have to be very careful. The economic activity can resume after we see that Covid-19 cases across India are coming under control,” he said.

But the recent declaration of the government to reopen the state for tourists has made the state slowly resume the magnificent nightlife earlier showcased by this state. 

The most popular lane in Goa,’ Tito’s Lane ‘ near Baga beach is the perfect destination for both national and domestic party animals. 

It is famous for Tito’s bar and club along with its authentic shops, and stalls for people to window shop their way or buy souvenirs for their remembrance of this beautiful place, 

But being bound to Covid-19 guidelines, these businesses have lost many of their customers by being forced to close their businesses a lot earlier than their initial closing time.

There are numerous ways for visitors to enjoy their night in the ‘Pearl of Orient, Goa. 

Night Clubs (Open)

Dancing their night away into trance music or just sitting and enjoying the vibe in nightclubs like Tito’s Bar and Club, Club Cubana, Club LPK, SinQ Night Club, Cafe Mambos, Hilltop, and many other various places. Enjoying various unique cocktails is also a bonus in these places.

These places were asked to shut down following the Covid-19 guidelines have been severely affected and a piece of disappointing news for people coming to enjoy the state’s nightlife.

Beach Shacks (open) 

Beach shacks are an important part of life in Goa and it would not be the same without them. Various Restaurants / Bars with sunbeds on the sand and staff to serve you on the sunbed are all a person craves to relax in the day. 

Some of these once used to open till 3 – 5 am now have to close their service because of the time restriction given to them at 7 pm. However, the time they keep their services going amidst coronavirus is gradually being pushed back from 7 pm to around midnight.

Night Cruise Party (Closed) 

Cruise parties being one of the major tourist attractions there is a wholesome package to pump the vibe dancing with your friends or going for a romantic dinner date with your partner enjoying the view of the river/sea, cruise. 

The entry fee starting at just Rs 300 per head in these cruises, promises a ride lasting for around 2 hours and delicious delicacies onboard.

Night Markets (closed) 

Apart from parting and drinking, these markets are also an option to spend a peaceful night gawking at different quirky and eye-catching things, from clothes to antiques, masalas, junk jewelry, and pretty much everything you want to buy.

These shopper’s delights are packed with entertainment, including live music performances, food stalls serving local Goan delicacies, etc. But unfortunately, these too are restricted after 7 pm, for now.

Casinos (Closed)

Trying our luck held on cruise ships playing exciting games is a must-do for all adults in Goa. Gambling lovers love to spend their night trying their luck in these beautiful casinos.

But, unfortunately, casinos are still restricted from reopening during this period of Covid-19.

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