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Does Goa really need the Bullet Proof Cars for the VIPs?

According to the sources, several hundreds of VIPs visit Goa state throughout the year, and based on the protocol these VIPs supposed to have
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According to the sources, several hundreds of VIPs visit Goa state throughout the year, and based on the protocol these VIPs supposed to have provided with the bulletproof cars, but Goa does not have single bulletproof car to take care of these arrangements, and every time they have to borrow the vehicles from either Karnataka or Maharashtra, said the sources.

What is the reason behind this?? very simple, Goa does not have funds to procure the bulletproof cars and despite the principal approval to procure the bulletproof cars for VIPs the proposal is pending before the finance department, sources have revealed.

According to the report published in the Times of India, The Goa police dream to have a bullet-proof vehicle for VIPs will take some more time to be fulfilled, as the finance department is yet to clear the proposal, a senior home department official said.      

The state government has already granted administrative approval to the force to purchase the vehicle since there are frequent VIP visits in the state. However, the move has got stuck for want of finance approval. Currently, Goa police do not own a single bullet-proof vehicle.    

Narendra Modi’s BMW 7 Series Bullet Proof Car

A senior home department official said that the issue of purchasing the new vehicle was discussed at a recent meeting. He said that during the meeting, police pressed for the acquisition of the bullet-proof vehicle so they do not have to keep sending requisitions to neighboring states.

“As the matter was discussed at the meeting, the home department granted approval,” the senior official said, adding that the force cannot purchase it as the finance department has to provide the means.

Goa receives many VIPs who are entitled to the Bullet Proof vehicles and since Goa police do not have one, they send requests to the neighboring states Maharashtra and Karnataka for the same.      

However, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as Gujarat CM, visited the state, he came with his own bullet-proof car. Every year, over 500 VIPs come to the state.

Sonia Gandhi’s Range Rover Bullet Proof Car

According to the reports, during the past three years time, Goa received around 1,706 VIPs visiting state apart from the time when state hosted BRICS Summit. The sources also revealed that VIP movement is highest during the Christmas and New year when everyone wants to come down to Goa.    

Goa police accord protection under several categories – Z+, Z, Y+, Y, X, DT, etc. Since 2016, as many as 26 heads of state have visited Goa. Dignitaries who have been provided Z+ category security include the UPA chairperson, Congress president, Union ministers, etc. State ministers and judges get Y+ security.

In 2016, Goa hosted the leaders of India, Russia, China, Brazil, and South Africa for the BRICS summit as well as BIMSTEC leaders. Since then, Goa has hosted Indian VIPs such as Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, LK Advani, the President of India Ram Nath Kovind, Amit Shah, Supreme Court judges, and others.

The question is does Goa really need the bulletproof vehicles for the VIPs?? there is hardly a single case wherein any such case took place that really demands the need for a bulletproof vehicle. Goa is supposed to be the safest place in the world for everyone and right from the top politicians to the criminals visit Goa and live here without any problems.   

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