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Dilwale Womaniya le jaenge

Indie looks are so hot right on- but not desi or rustic in anyway, the key is to look Indie Chic and yet retain
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Indie looks are so hot right on- but not desi or rustic in anyway, the key is to look Indie Chic and yet retain the contemporary feel of the moment- Truth be told the ‘WOMANIYA’ look is just what  the style doctor ordered. I’m personally a big fan of this look and have been anyway dressing like that even before a name was coined to categorise this trend.

It’s a perfect way to look colourful, modern and even introduce a bit of kitsch into the mix. But more than just a fashion trend- this look defines the attitude of the woman who carries it- she is a woman who knows the best of both worlds, she is not afraid to combine her tube top with her block print rajasthani skirt and will wear it with elan to a coffee with friends, or even to a friend’s poolside mehendi ceremony. She is traditional and yet with an undercurrent of modern mischief that makes her someone to watch out for.

Womaniya by Ruchika 2

We are talking about a woman who has seen it all and yet she is decidedly Indian at heart- think Kangana Ranaut, Huma Quereshi- women perfectly comfortable with their bodies and playing dress up with elan. No wonder we have ace like JJ Valaya, Sabyasachi deigners spotting this huge opportunity and playing with this trend on the runways. In my opinion the Womaniya look is also a great option especially for Indian Women due to the following reasons-

  1. We are all for pop culture anyway- the prints, the florals, the dense colors, after all the Indian wardrobe has one of the richest shade palettes in the world.
  2. The introduction of ‘desi cool’ is perfect for the humid Indian summers where bodycons are booted out and flowing cottons & mulmul silhouettes are given a hearty embrace.
  3. Look fashionable without looking uncomfortable as you get to dress as per your body type.
  4. It’s a look for every age group as long as you play your accessories right- You can often notice Bollywood dadi- Suhasini Mulay dressed in true womaniya style during her offscreen outings.

So how to ace the Womaniya look?

The basic components you need to mix and match together are- one desi, one modern, one statement accessory. For example choose a big ghera Ikat skirt with a solid tube top and a statement necklace. Or maybe a floral dhoti salwar with a hosiery, knit crop top and a chunky silver kada bangle.

Womaniya by Ruchika 3

The essential Womaniya mantras are:

  • Aviators or any metal frame sunglasses are the biggest clinching element as they update the filmy quotient instantly- avoid acetate, tortoise shell, or very bulky frames.
  • Stock up on Indie embellished accessories like guthlis, embroidered slings, blingy Kolhapuri wedges and an enviable collection of  statement neckpieces, bangles etc
  • Balance is the key, we want an “east meets weat fusion”. Avoid too many Indian elements otherwise you would look ready for a night of garba, that’s really NOT the idea.
  • Stock up on vests, cross backs, tubes, stoles to add mix and match elements with your basic Indian garment.
  • You just cannot leave your sass at home- the more confident you look, the more charm you will exude.

So get ready to take the city by storm as it goes fida on you, O Womaniya.

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