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Need for Speed has become the Motto of Today’s New Generation Riders and Drivers, But who is responsible for this?

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This is one of the most serious questions that all the parents and the kins of the underage riders and drivers need to ask to themselves, because, in the 90 per cent of the cases, are responsible for the consequences. Parents buy expensive speed machines and allow their teenagers to ride and drive the same which finally results in the serious consequences. The recent accidental death of three underage boys is the live example of the same. Three teenagers died in a car accident at Verna and all of them were under 15, who allowed them to take the vehicle out? Who is Responsible?

Today we blame the traffic police for not implementing the law and order but are the traffic police alone responsible for this? According to the report published by the national daily Times of India, Speeding has become common amongst the underage riders and drivers. According to TOI, From January 1 onwards till date (March 9) the Goa police’s traffic cell has registered a total of 103 cases against underage riding/driving.

There is no doubt that most of these cases were hushed up by paying some challan or making use of the political influence to let go the kid’s scot-free, but do we know by doing this we give more encouragements to the kids?   

Accident at Verna Involving 3 underage boys

Speeding or racing of vehicles is commonly seen among underage riders, traffic officials informed. In the most recent incident, the dangerous combination of underage driving and speeding led to the tragic death of three teenagers in Verna on Sunday.    

“All three of them were underage drivers,” said DySP North Goa, traffic, Dharmesh Angle adding that they are regularly booking such cases “We patrol areas where these incidents take place, especially near colleges. Yet, many youngsters still drive or ride without licences.”

The police officials have held the parents of the teenagers responsible for this incident saying that it is also the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they do not hand over their vehicles to their underage children.    

“We are doing our best to educate them and create awareness. Parents must realise that they are not only endangering the lives of their children but also the lives of other road users,” he said.

The accident at Mashem due to speeding 

Besides the traffic cell’s attempts at curbing such activities that put road safety at risk, the enforcement teams at regional transport offices (RTOs) also maintain a close watch. 

The RTO official told TOI that there is a need to hold parents accountable. “There should be a penalty for both, the underage driver and the parents,” he said.

Speeding ranked as the number one traffic violation owing to which motorists lost their driving licences in 2019. Last year, the driving licences of a total of 2,053 people were suspended for three months owing to this violation.

There is a serious need to understand one thing that if we do not follow the basic norms of the society and start breaking the rules just satisfy our own ego then the final results will only the dead end.

Source: TOI

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