Goan Origin Youth Born in Pakistan Denied Permission to Come down to Goa by Central Home Ministry

Goa has a very old relation with Pakistan and many Goans who settled down in Pakistan before the liberation has their properties in Goa, but most of them are not allowed to come down to Goa, neither have the rights to claim their properties due to the strained relations between India and Pakistan. A 21-Year-Old Marco Monteiro, an Australian national and one of the eight traveler youths, who was supposed to attend the “Know Goa Program” which is scheduled to take place in the state between 4 to 18th January this year has denied the visa to India just because he was born in Pakistan.   

Marco Monteiro, a 21-Year-Old Goan origin youth was born in Karachi and has Australian citizenship. Marco is one of the eight youths from all over the world who suppose to attend ‘Know Your Goa’ program in the state, but the central home ministry denied a visa due to the security clearance issues. 

Goan Community living in Pakistan

The ‘Know Your Goa’ event is meant for the youth travelers who are either born in foreign countries or having foreign nationality and at the same time, they have some links with Goa. Either their parents or grandparents were born in Goa. 

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According to the report published by the PTI news agency, 21-year-old Marco Monteiro is one of the eight students who was supposed to attend the 12th edition of Know Your Goa event in Goa did not get the clearance from the central home ministry to come down to Goa due to security reasons, said the Director of NRI affairs, Mr. Anthony D’Souza. 

D’Souza further said that Marco was born in Karachi on 3rd October 1998 and thereafter his mother took him to Australia and now he has Australian citizenship, Know Goa Program is meant for the people of Goan origin having their ancestral roots in Goa. 

Pakistani Christians chant prayers during Easter service in Karachi, Pakistan, Sunday, April 5, 2015. Christians across the world are celebrating Easter, commemorating the day followers believe Jesus was resurrected in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

According to Mr. D’Souza, Macro’s ancestors belong to Goa and his Grandfather Jose Monteiro was born in Goa in the year 1885 and he died in Goa in the year 1921. This way Marco becomes Goan by Origin. 

Although Marco was born in Pakistan presently he possesses the Australian nationality and he should have been allowed to come down to Goa to attend the program he had wished to as he has a right to know about the place where his ancestors belong? 

What is your take on this article? Do you think that the Government should deny the visa to someone just because he was born in Pakistan regardless of his roots and nationality?  

Source: Jagaran 


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