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Entry of Wealthy Tourists In Goa Has Increased The Demands For Yachts and Catamarans

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Demands For Yachts and Catamarans
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Following the resumption of Tourism activities and Casinos in Goa, lots of wealthy tourists have started entering the state and that had led to an increase in demand for the Yacht and Catamaran trips. The earlier option of cruise boats anchored in Panaji is not available due to the Covid pandemic. 

Normally the tourists coming to Goa has plans of getting on the Cruise Boats anchored in the River Mandovi and moreover, a trip without a visit to Cruise Boats was often considered incomplete. But due to the pandemic, the Boat Cruise have not yet started their operations.

According to the reports, more and more people are getting attracted towards the private Yachts trips since it offers more options of an exclusive fishing trip to the secluded islands in Goa. 

The demands for the Yachts and Catamarans are also growing due to the services offered such as pre-wedding Shoots and private parties. There is always more options available on the Yachts and Catamarans compared to the Boat Cruises.   

Although most cruise operators are yet to start their operations even as the government issued permissions last month, many yacht operators are back on their feet already, and around 15 of them are already in action.   

Amey Parsekar of Rediscovery Cruises said when he, along with his partner Viraj, started backwater trips five years ago, people were unaware of this option. Slowly, the concept picked up, and in the past two-three years, competition has risen.   

“A few years ago, even tourist taxi drivers didn’t know about the backwaters and yachts parked at Britona. Now, there is a lot of competition. However, there are some jetty issues that need to be addressed,” said Parsekar. 

There are many new people who have entered into this business due to the growing demands for the Yachts and Catamarans.  

Almanzo Barreto, who conducts yacht trips, said that there’s a big market for pre-wedding shoots and that their clients are tourists from North India. A two-hour pre-wedding shoot on a yacht can cost upwards of Rs 20,000.  

“We provide the yacht service, and clients have to arrange for photographers and makeup artists,” he said adding that “Clients also hire yachts to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.”  

According to the reports, Catamarans are more in demand for the functions like birthday parties since it accommodates more people and it provides them a premium experience.

James Braganza of The Captain of Ports said that yachts are more in demand today, as most cruise operators are yet to resume operations. “Cruise boats are yet to return from their annual repairs, and comply with other conditions before they resume operations,” he said.   

Besides people hiring yachts for pre-wedding shoots and birthdays, there is another niche segment — professionals hiring yachts to experience deep sea fishing. A fishing trip of around four hours, depending on sea conditions, is for those with expertise in the art, and can cost Rs 5,000 an hour.

(with the inputs from Times of India)

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