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Planning A Trip To Maharashtra From Goa? You Will Need A COVID Negative Certificate Starting From 25th November

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Planning A Trip To Maharashtra From Goa
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Many who have traveled to Goa from Maharashtra during the vacation or having a second home in Goa will now require a Covid Negative Certificate to travel back. The Maharashtra Government has decided to take strict measures to reduce the growing Covid cases.

According to the PTI reports, the Maharashtra state government on Monday has issued a new order for the people entering the state via Air, Train, or Road from Goa, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. In case anyone found positive for the Covid infection then they will have to turn back to their respective states as entry into Maharashtra will not be allowed.  

“The passengers without symptoms will be allowed entry,” the government said in an order. “Passengers with symptoms shall have the option of turning back and going to their home to recuperate.”  

The government also made it mandatory for the passengers to carry a report showing that they are not infected with the coronavirus.

“The passengers traveling in flights from Delhi, Rajasthan, Goa, and Gujarat will have to produce negative RT-PCR report on landing at airports in Maharashtra,” the order said, according to the Hindustan Times. “The test should have been done 72 hours prior to the scheduled journey.”

According to the reports, Delhi is one of the most affected states amongst all the states, and Maharashtra is contemplating to completely ban the train and flights coming from Delhi.     

Maharashtra minister Vijay Waddetiwar had said that the state was deliberating whether a complete ban on flights, train, and road travel to Delhi should be imposed or people coming from the national Capital quarantined upon their arrival in the state.

Meanwhile, Goa does not have many cases as yet, but the spike of cases in the offshore Casinos may contribute to the increase in cases in the state. There are people entering Goa from all over the country, especially from Delhi and that is a major challenge for the state Government. 

But despite all these if you still planning to travel to Maharashtra then you must the following things. You need to do the Mandatory RT-PCR tests at least 72 hours before landing the Mumbai Airport and those who do not have the RT-PCR test reports will need to undergo the test at Mumbai Airport. 

Those who are traveling to Maharashtra by road will be checked for symptoms and body temperature at the respective borders. “The passengers without symptoms will be allowed to enter the state and those with any sign of symptoms will have the option of returning back to their hometown to recuperate, stated the report. 

(With The Inputs from PTI) 

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