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The Local Villagers Of Assagao Teams Up To Catch The Chain Snatchers

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The Local Villagers Of Assagao
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The chain snatching is on the rise in the various parts of the state and police hardly get any breakthrough into this except rounding up some culprits who come out on the bail. In one of the innovative initiative, the villagers of Assagao have decided to team up to catch hold of these culprits and teach them a lesson. 

According to the report published on TOI, In a bid to nab bike-borne thieves, the residents of Assagao have formed teams of youth and deployed them at various points places in the village. The locals said that they would keep an eye on those moving around especially during the night. 

The bike-borne chain snatchers have become so much fearless that now they have started robbing the people, especially the ladies, walking on the road in a broad daylight. 

In one such accident reported by the TOI, within less than three hours of a chain-snatching incident at Mapusa, motorbike-borne thieves struck in Assagao and snatched a mangal sutra from a woman who was walking on the road at around 9.30 am. 

The victim, Shrutika Sushant Sawant from Munnagwada, had filed a complaint that on the pretext of having a conversation with her, two persons on a two-wheeler snatched her Rs 2.5 lakh worth mangalsutra and fled. 

Meanwhile, the North Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, along with the office-bearers of the party’s Siolim block, submitted a memorandum to the Anjuna police station to demand that patrolling in Assagao be beefed up.

The police are also having various tasks on a daily basis and there is a high probability that they may not able to run after the chain snatchers and hence the decision taken by the villagers is the best policy and this needs to be implemented by all the villages in Goa and if this happens the robbers will never come back.

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