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Rohan Warty – Going Global with Xerviz Wlobal

The story of Rohan Warty’s venture into the global market is an inspiring one, he has expanded his business from two employees to thirty
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Rohan Warty
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Dreams clubbed with hard work and calculated risk have lead to a huge boost in young entrepreneurs globally. The internet and social media have allowed young potentials to sell their ideas easily. The story of Rohan Warty’s venture into the global market is no different. Rohan has expanded his business from two employees to thirty in a very short span of time.

After finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in commerce stream, Rohan moved to Mumbai to complete his post-graduation in Marketing (MBA) from UBS College. “After my graduation, I decided to peruse my post-graduation in Mumbai (MBA in Marketing) from UBS College, Mumbai. I decided to stay in Mumbai and work there in BPO that was into the educational field as a business development manager, but I could not stay there longer,” said Rohan, adding that being a Goan, he always wanted to come back home and start something of his own. “In the year 2015 I came back to Goa and started my company, Xerviz Wlobal.”

According to Rohan his experience in Mumbai helped him to come with the idea of setting up a BPO start-up in Goa. “I got the idea of seeing up BPO when I was working in Mumbai. I noticed how big the outsourcing network business in India,” he said adding that he saw that there were not many BPOs in Goa then. “There were call centres but not many BPOs, so I decided to come to Goa and start my BPO and it was the only one in Goa.”

The BPO he set up was only into voice tele calling but soon Rohan realized that there is huge scope in the data business. “I realized that there was a bigger market for data, it being the new oil right now and everybody wants data for their business. So, we starred providing data for their sales and marketing in their business. In 2015 I started with 3 people and now I have a team of 30 people and I give employment to around 35 people indirectly in my first company,” said Rohan.

Although Rohan has a big team at the moment, the sales and marketing part is handled by the Rohan himself. “I like to personally look after the business development of my company and till today I do so, and I haven’t hired anyone for sales and marketing it’s just me who looks after it,” he narrated. Initially, Rohan began working with a few companies which subsequently grew to 15 in a very short span of time. 

“I meet most of the people and tell them about my services and I realized that they were not aware of a company of this calibre in Goa as prior to that they had to get in touch with companies situated out of Goa,” said Rohan, adding that his personal approach made them get on board with his company. 

“They realized that the price was much less compared to the metro cities they were associated with, also the advantage was we were situated in the same state as they and communication would be easier. This was also an advantage for me to get to the local market. I also had domestic companies and international as well.”

Presently Rohan has clients from Australia, Europe and the USA. Practically, the labour cost in Goa is more expensive compared to the other states in the country but Rohan does not believe in the same. “I do not think that the labour cost is more in Goa: its comparatively lower as compared to that of the metro cities. But again, the standard of living is higher in Goa. My package in Mumbai was good while here it was 40% of what I was actually receiving in Mumbai. That was the reason I wanted to start my own. I feel that the companies who want to start a business should look at this as one of the USP of Goa. The talent pull is there, and also the labour cost is low. Companies who are in metros and want to set up here in Goa it’s a good idea.”

Rohan also knows that he cannot alone depend on the business coming from the overseas and hence he has set up a very good client base in Goa. “I believe that Goa has a lot of potentials and since I am Goan myself, I feel that I must have more Goan clients compared to the out of the state,” he said. Rohan feels that Goan contribute more to the revenue compared to overseas clients. “If I compare 3 overseas clients to the 15 Goan clients then it is surely the Goan clients are better in giving the business compared to the outsiders.”

When I asked Rohan about his future expansion plans, he told me that he has already started and the Brand My Business is the beginning of the same. “I have ventured into another company called Brand My Business, which is a different field compared to what I am doing presently. My new company is totally into marketing whereas my first company is more into research. The growth aspect is my first company is on the stable side and need less of my attention so I can work on my second company brand my business to grow,” he averred.

 “My first company does not need much of my attention as of now, as most of the procedure are all in place and so the second company needs a bit more,” said Rohan. According to Rohan, since he has done his post-graduation in Marketing, it his field of interest. “I feel that I can use my education in my business that’s how I got into brand my business. Every company needs marketing and without marketing you cannot sustain or grow. Goa lacks companies that are into creative or influential marketing and we thought we can get into that kind of service”he said.

Rohan also has a number of hobbies. “I was into cricket when I was in the school and college, now I do not play. I am fond of Bollywood movies and during my downtime I go to watch a movie. It is also a stress buster: Something which we require,” he said. 

Rohan feels that it is one’s personal choice if they want to work for someone or start their business on their own. “But yes, if they want to start their own and has an idea to start something unique. My only suggestion to them is patience is the key and without it, you cannot expect a business to flourish in the initial stage almost like a baby: you need to give your time and nurture in order to grow,” he said adding that “if you take a look at me, I have completely bootstrapped my company right from scratch. I have not taken any money from investors but instead I have put in my own savings to start the business. Again, it depends from business to business, like an IT firm can be set up anywhere all you need is computers and good internet connection but if it is a manufacturing unit then a lot of investment is required. There was a phase initially like 5-6 months I was wondering if I was on the right track, as I mentioned earlier, patience is the key and so if you have trust and believe in yourself so I doubt there is no room for you to fail.”

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