The entire problem with the taxi operator lobby is about charging less and that has also become their major misconception, but the Managing Director of Goa Miles Mr. Utkarsh Dabhade has clarified that Goa Miles does not apply low fares in their app and it has been designed keeping in Mind the interest of Local cab Drivers.

Now that it has become clear that Goa Miles does not apply low fares it does not mean that Goa Miles charges exorbitant rates, no way. In fact, the costing is done based on the practicality which is in the interest of the taxi drivers as well as the passengers. 

The battle between the local taxi drivers and Goa miles rages on, what with the sky-high prices being charged by the local taxi operators. This has prompted the government to support the app-based taxi service, Goa Miles, who is already a year into providing transport services to the people of Goa. Goa Miles claims that it has a better pricing formula given that Goa has slim chances of return trips.

Tourist taxis in the state are the highest charging

Sources at the Herald says that Goa Miles MD Utkarsh Dabhade has denied allegations that the taxi app is charging low fares in order to be one up over their rivals.

Dabhade said, “We are not charging low, rather we have corrected the overall commutation pricing. If you considered other State and cities in India typical per km charges by drivers are Rs 8 to Rs 10 per km. Keeping in mind Goa is not metro and chances for return trips are thin, we have arrived better pricing formula of Rs 22 per km for Sedan, which is already highest in the county and almost double what other aggregators are offering. Additionally, with whatever possibility of a return trip, our taxi owner gets better per km rate,”

Dabhade also stated that around 1450 taxi operators have joined the app since its launch last year. They have started with All Digital operations, Digital Mobile App, Digital Payments as well as Digital Invoices for Tourists as well as local Goa citizens, which ensures one knows the fare even before booking it. This has made the locals as well as tourists to put their faith in Goa Miles, which has led to the dawn of a new era in the taxi business in Goa.

Goa also has a woman taxi service

The local taxi operators though, are not happy with such a situation and have locked horns with the State Government over Goa Miles, demanding that the app-based service be scrapped. Thousands of taxi operators will get together for a meeting on Wednesday to oppose Goa Miles, in what has been termed as a show of strength and support to their fellow local taxi operators.

Dabhade also added “It is in the interest of local taxi operators to join as we don’t charge a single rupee from them, making this unique win-win situation for all,”

The MD stated that many a time their drivers had to bear the brunt from the local taxi operators. He stated that his drivers wished to sit together with the taxi operators and settle issues amicably.

Sources: Heraldo


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