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Gyms Will Open in Goa From 5th August – Follow These Five Easy Steps to Keep Yourself Safe

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Gym To Open in Goa
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Put life off gear, with complete lockdown forcing all kinds of establishments to close their doors for the general public. As Unlock 1.0 allowed systematic easing of restrictions, most gym enthusiasts and trainers have had an eager wait to see as to when gyms and fitness training centres would be allowed to open.

The new Unlock 3.0 guidelines issued recently by the Central government allows gyms and yoga institutes to be opened from August 5 onwards, with proper social distancing norms.

The pandemic has brought diverse talks about maintaining one’s fitness and in turn having good mental health as well. Though this move to open gyms is a welcomed one, proper precautions and social distancing norms will have to have adhered.

This means that only a limited number of people can visit during a certain given time. Gyms and fitness institutes now await final orders from the authorities. Apprehensions have also been raised as to how well all the mandated guidelines be followed by gyms and other centres.

Gym with Social Distancing

Sai Yermal, a gym enthusiast said that the idea of re-opening gyms isn’t a good one, as many people visit the gyms – this at a time when there has been a surge in coronavirus cases, many of them being asymptomatic.

“I don’t feel it is safe to visit a gym during the current pandemic. Everyone touches the equipment’s and moreover, being in a controlled environment having an AC will only add to the risk,” he said.

However, for those whose livelihood is on this business, have expressed satisfaction over the government’s approval to open up gyms. Most gyms have put in place all measures to ensure social distancing within the facility, along with proper sanitisation of all pieces of equipment.

Here are some quick tips you can follow if you visit the gym:

  • Carry your own towel: Though this has already been widely practised by gym trainers, it is an important aspect. Focus on carrying everything yourself and avoid using any items provided by the gym centres. Also, carry along your own water bottle and refrain from using the water cooler or any other drinking water facility at the gym.
  • Consider carrying along with your own sanitizer: Though most centres will have proper sanitization at all entry/exit points and also at various machines which you will be exercising on, consider carrying along your own sanitizers to limit your contact at the gyms. Use the sanitizer frequently, as you switch from one machine to the other.
  • Carry along with your own yoga mats: Many yoga centres advise you to carry your own yoga mats, though some do provide them to their visitors. Having your own items along will reduce the risk of coming in contact with other objects that may not be yours.
  • Avoid visiting during crowded hours: Most gyms are crowded during peak hours. Also, avoid visiting gyms or centres which are in close proximity of coronavirus positive cases. Inquire and avail proper details of the gym, prior to visiting them.
  • Have your slot booked: If possible, have an appointment booked with your gym prior to visiting. Many gyms have also brought about booking options for their visitors through dedicated apps or contact numbers. Once you book your slot, make it a point to be in time.

Besides these, also practice healthy hand-washing frequently as you will be in contact with different types of surfaces while at the gym. Lastly, for your safety and also for all the other fellow gym fanatics, avoid visiting if you are unwell or displaying any kind of symptoms,

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