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Goa’s Beautiful St. Jacinto Island May Stop Outsider’s Entry Over Rising Nuisance

Goa has quite a few lovely islands and they are alway from the traffic and noise of rampant development that Goa is presently going
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Goa has quite a few lovely islands and they are alway from the traffic and noise of rampant development that Goa is presently going through, but despite that the growing curiosity about the place amongst the tourists and locals alike makes this place prone to the nuisance, and to avoid further damage to the surroundings the villagers of St. Jacinto Island have decided to stop the outsiders from entering the Island.      

According to the reports, several villagers in the picturesque island of St Jacinto have demanded immediate police patrolling in the areas as well as CCTV surveillance. One of the most exotic places of South Goa — the San Jacinto Island is located just a few kilometers north-east from the Dabolim International Airport.

People say that in the 20 century, the San Jacinto inhabitants had made a vow never to give the island on a lease and let construction companies to built touristic or industrial facilities on their land. That’s why nowadays this small island is a lovely green area, which has preserved the purity and charm of the Goa of old.

But off late thanks to the outsiders creating a nuisance, the villagers have threatened to block their entry to the island. Residents of St Jacinto marched to the Chicalim Panchayat and complained that several unruly youths would engage in public nuisance like drinking, smoking and also indulge in bike racing along the road leading to the island, thereby endangering lives of residents and instilling fear in the minds of residents.

Motorcyclist Creating Nuisance on St Jacinto Island (Source)

Residents also pointed out that the non-existence of CCTV cameras in the area added to the nuisance and despite requesting the Panchayat to install CCTV surveillance systems, their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Residents also claimed that the area has become an anti-social den and miscreants would play loud music and party late into the nights, break beer bottles along the roads and also damage the street lights.

Residents have also alleged that some couples who arrive at the island park cars inside the church area and indulge in anti-social activities under the cover of darkness.

A local, Franky Vaz said that the residents were fine with people arriving on the island provided they behave themselves. “Several children of the village see couples in weird positions and in church premises, which sets a bad example.”

He also pointed out that there are cases of drinking and smoking all night long with loud music. Villagers fear to confront the youth as such; the police must act immediately and carry out strict patrolling he said.

Church premises at St. Jacinto Island used by couples for Indecent Activities

Vaz warned that if the Panchayat does not act and provide CCTV cameras they would block the entry of outsiders who didn’t respect the villagers. Panch Anna Marie Azaredo said she had installed street lights in the area but added that they were broken by miscreants.

“There are so many broken bottles all over the place and the panchayat has conducted several cleanliness drives as well. I have requested the panchayat to install a CCTV camera here.”

We can’t keep replacing street lights and we will approach the police to intensify patrolling in the area.” said Azaredo.

When contacted, Mormugao Deputy SP Sunita Sawant admitted having received complaints of public nuisance at St Jacinto Island and assured to identify patrolling in the area.

She pointed out that the last time there were complaints of bike racing in the area, police patrolling was intensified and several cases were booked as well.

She further added that the racing had stopped and they would check if it has begun again. She also stated that due to the rains in the area, the patrolling had reduced and would be intensified again.

She added that in the case of public nuisance, strict action would be taken against the miscreants.

Source: The Goan

Image Source: GandIslandGoa

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