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Panaji is Flooding with Rain Water but Taps are running Dry with No Water

Continuously pouring rains have created a flood-like situation in the Capital city of Goa but the Taps in the city are running dry in
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Continuously pouring rains have created a flood-like situation in the Capital city of Goa but the Taps in the city are running dry in the city for almost two days due to the landslide caused washing away two major pipelines in Ponda that supplies the water to North Goa. Although the government has assured the completion of repairing work Panajikars see no relief coming to them soon.

According to the news published by Indo Asian News Service, Residents of Goa’s capital and other outlying areas are bracing for more than 48 hours of water scarcity after a landslide washed away two key pipelines which supply water from the Opa reservoir in Ponda sub-district to North Goa, including Panaji.

The landslide occurred late on Friday due to a sustained spell of massive rainfall in the state over the last two weeks. The opposition has slammed the state government for not making adequate efforts to provide alternative arrangements to the residents of Panaji and nearby areas.      

The opposition did not want to lose this opportunity to target the government and the Congress chief Girish Chodankar came forward to show to concern for Panajikars and also blamed the government for their inefficiency to tackle the situation in the state. 

“Imagine, the state capital being without water for 48 hours. The government has not even promised credible alternative solutions. Even the water tanker supply, which the government had promised is not regular on the first day itself. The government needs to fix responsibility for this massive lapse and take action,” state Congress chief Girish Chodankar told IANS on Saturday adding that  “BJP governments have been promising 24×7 water supply for years now. And yet Panaji does not get even two hours of water. And now the collapse of pipelines has deprived them of any water at all.”   

According to Public Works Development Minister Deepak Pauskar two six-meter pipes, which form the main arteries of water supply to North Goa, had faced a massive rupture, following the collapse of the retaining wall after the landslide last night.

“We promise to restart water supply to Panaji by Monday (August 19). We are working and repairing the two pipes on an urgent basis. Until then, we will ensure that tankers will provide water to the areas without water in Tiswadi and Ponda (sub-district),” Pauskar said.

Meanwhile, the tanker owners are doing good business across the north Goa supplying the water to the premium societies and hotels. Government has also made the arrangements for the tanker water supply to some of the most affected areas in the capital city, but that did not give much relief to the Panajikars.

Source: India Today | Digital Goa

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