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Goa Government is Planning to Reserve 80% Jobs in Factories For the Goans

With lots of hue and cry about the migrants getting the major stakes in the jobs available in Goa, the Goa Government has now
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With lots of hue and cry about the migrants getting the major stakes in the jobs available in Goa, the Goa Government has now decided to offer the 80% stake to the Goans in the jobs available in the factories. According to the sources, the Goa Government is now planning to reserve “80 percent” jobs in the industrial units receiving state government subsidies for the people of Goan origin; the Legislative Assembly was informed on Wednesday.

Chief Minister also stated that “60 percent of the 80 percent jobs” would be on a permanent basis.

This statement has come in the wake of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly passing the AP Employment of Local Candidates in Industries and Factories Bill, 2019, which mandates employment of at least 75 percent state candidates in the respective units.

While the Labour and Employment policies for the State will be drafted in the coming six months, all industries in the state have been directed to register with the government and provide information about workers and the sectors they are currently employed in.

Government Jobs for Goans

Pramod Sawant said that the government will draft the labor and employment policies in the next six months in which it might consider reserving “80 percent jobs” for Goans in the private sector, especially in those industrial units that get various subsidies from the state government.

The Chief Minister also stated that in the absence of labor and employment policies the state government couldn’t make it mandatory for private employers to allocate 80 percent of jobs to Goans.

In a reply to Congress MLA Aleixo Reginald Lourenco, Pramod Sawant said that upcoming policies might make it mandatory for industries to hire 80 percent of Goans in jobs.

The chief minister also said a task force has been set up to ensure that industries adhere to the Minimum Wages Guarantee Act.

“All industries are asked to register with the state government mandatorily and give details about the workers and in which sector they are employed,” Pramod Sawant said.

Goans going abroad due to lack of opportunities

Sawant also said that since the private sector, especially industrial units take various subsidies from the State Government, they are expected to reserve 80 percent of the total jobs to people of Goan Origin.

Sawant also added that once the policy was in place, it would be possible to find out whether these units were adhering to the requirement or not.

Source: India Today

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